Kimberly Faith

Kimberly Faith

You want positive energy? Today you not only get Hope, you get Faith on our show!

I first met Kimberly at a Toastmaster’s event. She has the type of aura that draws you in while still giving you energy, so she was quite memorable, even though the event itself wasn’t. I re-met her when she came to an improv workshop. Again, her energy combined with her fast-thinking and wicked sense of humor, enabled her to slide right into our group. Kimberly and I are kindred spirits in our A-type, always on the go, GSD mindsets. She commands every room she enters, yet she does it with a gently enthusiastic charisma. I am pleased to welcome the Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Kimberly Faith.

Find Kimberly:

Web site:

Facebook: kimberlyfaithspeaks

Instagram: @kimberlyfaithspeaks

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