Day: January 20, 2019

Hey BooBoo, it’s all #FakeNews Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSIt’s been a bad week for the MSM Between non-impeachable non-stories and trying to get a bunch of teenagers murdered, the Mainstream Media is on a roll! We’ll talk briefly about the latest fake news. See our take on the “MAGA-hat teens” here. …

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Covington Catholic and Nathan Phillips #fakenews

Sorry, guys, we’ve got to talk about the Covington Catholic School / Nathan Phillips situation Folks, before you dogpile, please seek context and truth. This highly edited media crucification has gotten out of control. If you can’t be bothered to actually watch the uncut videos before judging, you ARE the problem. You are biased, you …

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