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Negative Utopia, Nutcrackers, and News

Negative Utopia, Nutcrackers, and News

Catching up:

We spent an amazing weekend at the CasaBlanca Resort out in Mesquite NV where we participated in the Pink Tutu Ballet’s production of THE NUTCRACKER. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and highly recommend the CasaBlanca resort for either a show or to spend a day or two.


THE NUTCRACKER will also be presented in Las Vegas at Container Park next weekend. Please come and see us! Friday night at 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday at 3PM. Container Park is a great place to visit, with many fun stores and restaurants. The show is FREE, so come on out!


Jim’s good news:

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Attended The Premier Of ‘The Last Jedi’ To Watch Mom’s Final Film. Her doggy sat on the lap of Ms. Fisher’s former personal assistant, and perked up whenever his mommy appeared on the screen!


Melanie brought on a Special Guest for her Good News:

Her very own sister! Sheila Hunt is a musician, songwriter, and now a school teacher from Texas. Sheila and her former band Negative Utopia wrote, recorded, and performed songs dealing with overcoming addiction taking responsibility for one’s own life. Sheila recently followed her passion for teaching and completed her teacher’s certification. She is now an art teacher and loves her work.


Dog Abby tells a writer the best way to deal with a friend who is consistently late. You can find the link here.

Food Occurs to Me-December 3, 2017

Food Occurs to Me-December 3, 2017

Catching up

It’s a gloriously warm December day in Fabulous Las Vegas! 70 DEGREES! We will never stop marveling at this. We rehearsed for The Pink Tutu’s production of THE NUTCRACKER, which will be performed at both the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite and Downtown Container Park later this month. We extolled the virtues of this city, a culturally diverse and fun place to live, where you can get a gourmet pizza at 4:32 am…if it occurs to you.


Jim has important news abut his”day job”that he is not ready to blurt out just yet. (Soon.)  He is still in rehearsals for EVITA, which is a show benefiting the Route 91 victims. It has been postponed until January; we will let you know as soon as a new date is announced. Jim is also finishing up his screenplay for the first episode of a TV series. Recent guest Andrew Wright produced a performance of The Who’s album TOMMY featuring local talent, and Jim was blown away by it.


Melanie is still tutoring. In particular, she is tutoring an older woman in ASL so she can learn songs for her church! The lady is going back to her native Ireland soon, and will be teaching songs to autistic children in sign language. Right now, they are working on Christmas songs.

Melanie also has a webinar approaching this Tuesday! This is being presented by the Lorman Institute, and it will be on How to Write Like a Leader. She is working on her books Passionate Punctuation and a new entry n the Nose-to-Nose series. She is also thinking about compiling a Dog Abby book next year.

Good News:

Washing dishes prolongs life

Hero rats detect landmines and saves elephants

Group uses marriage counseling methods to help bridge political divide


Dog Abby paw print

Dog Abby talks about “Thoughts and Prayers” (transcript here)





Lead-in music by Purple Planet

Free Speech!

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Hi friends…

From everything I’ve noticed over the past year, and especially the last few months, is that the big internet companies (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and others) are taking a decidedly unfair approach with monetization and with what they allow on their platforms. Many political bloggers and vloggers have found themselves marginalized, demonetized, and sometimes removed. This is being done in the name of protecting us from “hate speech,” when in fact, there isn’t any hate being expressed in 99+% of the cases. (The irony that these same companies are complaining about the rollback of “Net Neutrality” on the so-called rationale that it will give AT&T, Comcast, and others too much control over information is not lost on me, nor should it be lost on you. But I digress…)

I don’t care where you stand politically; this trend is alarming. We need to fight together to protect free speech. Although I most certainly intend to keep my “Twitbook” accounts open, I am planning to move more content to alternate services that are more open to free speech.

Please look for me under “James Moniz” or “jimtheactor” at these websites, and consider joining:



bitchute.com (say that one very carefully!)

vid.me (UPDATE: Vidme is closing down 12/15/17)

I will be adding exclusive content to all of these soon. (I have already been posting on the first two.) Please join me.

For Freedom!


(Full Disclosure, which may get me canned: I work for a company that contracts with Google. Not for much longer. More on that later.)


A Tired Old Man

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A Tired Old Man

Most people who know me would say that I am generally a happy guy, and that not much gets to me. This is not one of those moments.

From a woman’s march partially led by a woman with ties to Hamas (in case you haven’t heard the news, Hamas is not a feminist-friendly organization), to protests in Berkeley against Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos (Berkeley? The Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement? Really?) and beyond, this has not always been a good year for the Jimster. Add to this that the mainstream media is using these events to further an agenda to separate us and keep buying the pills they peddle…

Folks, I’m just plain tired.

I’m tired of elected representatives who represent only themselves.

I’m tired of groups claiming to be anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi who put their message across using the same tactics as the groups they claim to oppose.

I’m tired of the media, pundits, and politicians who were gob-smacked on Election Day, and are trying to save face and get their revenge for being wrong by continuing false narratives about the President. (And no, I didn’t vote for him, so please, let’s not go there.)

I’m tired of our colleges and universities being infested with the Leaders of the Participation Trophy Movement.

Most of all, I am tired of these pathetic attempts to make me feel guilty for being White, Catholic, Libertarian, and (most of all) American. I refuse to accept responsibility for dreamed-up micro-aggressions or hallucinated advantages over my fellow humans.

I’m also pissed that Glen Campbell died.

I’m gonna go sit in a corner and watch Popeye cartoons. I’ll be less tired and cranky next time, I promise.



A Bold Move

Independence Day


When you think of the Fourth of July, what do you think about? Is it hot dogs and hamburgers, music, fireworks? Is it taking the day off from work, watching sports on TV, throwing back a few cold ones? Or is it something much more important?


Hardly anyone I know calls the 4th of July Independence Day any more. I realize it’s easier to say “Fourth of July” than it is to say “Independence Day.” (Fewer syllables? Rolls off the tongue better? Who knows…) I am just as guilty as anyone of using the shortcut most of the time. As we approach the anniversary of the adopting of the Declaration of Independence, I want to take some time to remind myself and others as to the significance of this day.


The signing of the Declaration of Independence from England was considered an act of treason by the Crown. The 56 men who signed this document knew they were putting their lives and their livelihoods at risk .They also knew they were putting the lives of their families and communities in jeopardy. But they moved forward with it, knowing that the time had come to sever governmental ties to a country they had found less and less in common with, but who was still regulating and taxing them. They put forth “the proposition that all men are created equal,” and that they had been granted “inalienable rights” to live their lives free from the tyranny of King George.


The British Empire was a dominating force in the world at that time, and it was folly to consider such a bold move against the status quo. Indeed, many fellow colonists preferred to stay part of Britain, for both economic and political reasons. (Sound familiar?)  Britain, of course, didn’t take this lying down, and war commenced.


Upon Britain’s surrender, the great experiment of the United States truly began. But none of this would have happened without the bold move of those 56 men in July of 1776.


So please take a moment this 4th to think about the real meaning of the day, and educate those who would diminish its meaning.