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Freedom isn’t free…or in style…

Freedom isn’t free…or in style…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
~The First Amendment

The US message, “Freedom isn’t free,” typically pertains to the sacrifices we, as a society, made and continue to make in order to be the freest, safest, most successful civilization ever to exist on this blue marble. While we abhor wars, we celebrate our warriors who protected us and those who now volunteer to do so.

Still, we did all this so that we could have real, honest-to-goodness freedom. This means that sometimes people are going to say things you disagree with. Good! Sometimes, people are going to flat-out disagree with your ideas and ideals. Good! Sometimes someone may even hurt your itty bitty feewings.

Get over it.

Censorship by brute force helps no one. It does not belong in our country. Lashing out physically against someone who SAID something because you THINK it might imply the IDEA of violence is lunacy.

Words are not violence. Free thought is not violence. Disagreeing with people is not violence.

Smacking them upside the head with your flag, yanking their microphone out of their hands, tripping and beating them, throwing fire bombs and smashing windows, kicking and hitting them – those are violence.

By declaring free speech “hate” or “violence,” you are allowing the thought police to declare war on a fundamental U.S. law. One that our ancestors fought for. One that we should not have to fight against YOU to keep.

Don’t believe for a minute that the tide won’t turn against you.

This divide of ideas has locked us into a constant state of “us” and “them” mentality that is destroying our nation. The only key is to calm the hell down and use your brain.

Kevin Huston, EA, USTCP

Kevin Huston, EA, USTCP

Kevin is a speaker, but not just the boring, ethics/taxes guy that you would expect at a National Association of Tax Professionals conference (sorry fellow bean counters). Kevin blends humor, magic, and know-how into powerful programs that get results. With an almost cult-like following, he is the go-to guy to get your tax and ethics continuing education credits from.

With all the letters that do (and could) follow his name, Kevin is still a down-to-earth guy. In fact, knowing him personally, I find him fun, witty, and — well, I’ll just say it — sweet. He worked hard to get where he is today, one could even call him a fighter, yet he still managed to stay true to himself and kind to others. Kevin is the type of person that enriches your life just by knowing him.


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Unchain Yourself — Dog Abby

by Abigail Hope 0 Comments
Unchain Yourself — Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

I have just received a job offer for a position that I know would be perfect for me. However, it’s in another state that I only visited long enough for the job interview. I’m starting to have second thoughts, as I have never been more than 50 miles away from the town I grew up in.  This would mean basically starting my whole life over. Should I give this a try?

Chained in Chillicothe

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Ruh-roh in Ruttsville,

Your name says it all. Chained? Dogs hate being chained, and obviously you understand that sentiment. You long to run free. Why are you chaining yourself to a place or a job? You’re the one in charge. Run free! What is the worst that can happen? When I moved to Las Vegas with mom and dad and my kitties, I was worried that I would miss my lake and my ducks. Instead, I got my own pool! The only thing that would have been worse is if I tried to stay behind or someone chained me to my old life. Dogs don’t get the choice to be chained or not. You do. Go. Try it. If you don’t like it, try something else.


And now for some…good news?

Let’s see here…I’m looking for some good news to report tonight. I’ll try Google.

This looks promising…

Looks good - good news!

Good news on ABC – NOT!





I guess I’ll click on it and see what great things are going on in the world.

This is good news?

Why are they all smiling? I’m very confused.…maybe if I scroll?

Maybe they are as confused by the term “good” as they are by the term “news.”


George Gilbert

George Gilbert

Can laughter save your life?

George Gilbert says, “Yes!”

George comes from a highly-regarded show business family and has built on that legacy as a standup comic and improvisational actor. After graduating from UNLV with a degree in communications, he applied his background in humor to public speaking. He was the very first Toastmaster from the state of Nevada to become an Accredited Speaker (and the 50th in the world). He is the author of two books, From Standup to Stand Out, and Take Two Laughs and Call Me in the Morning. His mission is to provide information and inspiration to corporations and professional organizations by demonstrating, in an entertaining format, how humor can benefit their businesses and lives. In addition to all of this, he is a genuinely great guy.

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Sloth vs. Golden – Dog Abby

Sloth vs. Golden – Dog Abby

Dog Abby:

I like to maintain an active outdoor lifestyle. I keep trying to bring my girlfriend along but she claims to dislike hiking, camping, and all the outdoorsy things I enjoy doing. I have decided that I would like to form a small group of friends to go hiking and camping with me on a regular basis. This is upsetting her, because she thinks that I am taking my attention away from her. Am I wrong for wanting to do this?

Perplexed in Poughkeepsie

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Couch Potato (not) in Ploughtown:

When mom went looking for me, she wanted a dog that liked to swim and hike and do outdoorsy things. She would not have brought me home if I did not like those things. When dad was looking for mom, he wanted someone who was intelligent and caring and made him laugh. Mom did not come home with a sloth and neither did dad. Why would you get a sloth if you are a dog person?

If your girlfriend is a nice lady, she will see that you are not compatible. She needs a sloth and you need a Golden Retriever. It is time to rehome each other.

With love,


Mary Aluas

Mary Aluas

What is a baddass ballerina?

Today’s  guest is one of those people that you cannot bring yourself to hate, no matter how bad you want to. At first glance, she is an amazingly beautiful blonde with killer legs and a megawatt smile. When you get closer, you find out that she is highly intelligent and driven. When you get to know her, you learn that she is one of the sweetest, most decent human beings you would be lucky enough to associate with. Yes, Mary has it all, and she works incredibly hard to achieve her dreams while helping others with theirs. If there is one word I would use to describe her, it is, “blessed.” She is blessed with talent, grace, and beauty, and I am blessed to be able to call her friend.

Find Mary

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Second chances – Dog Abby

Second chances – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

My ex-boyfriend is a sweet, intelligent man, except when he’s drinking. He went too far too many times, so I left him. He called me yesterday swearing that he was in Alcoholics Anonymous and was cleaning up his life. He wants me back. Should I give him another chance?

Torn in Toledo

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Doormat in Denial,

If you have to ask, the answer is no.

(I was going to leave it there, but I sensed that you may need more of an explanation.)

When my cousin doggy Jezzy visits, mom jokes about how by the end of the day, Jezzy is great on a leash, comes when she’s called, and even knows tricks like “shake” and “speak.” The moment her mom comes to pick her up, she forgets all of that and goes back to yanking on the leash, ignoring her name, and not doing any tricks (other than being really cute). I’ve seen this happen with other doggy friends, too. You see, when you are back with someone who is familiar, it is too easy to fall into the same patterns.

Yes, I believe in second chances for people who hurt me, but I do not believe that I have to be the one to give that chance to them.

Mom wrote a whole book about it that will help you a lot. It is called Get Over it and Get Started. I know it helped her to write it after she escaped my first dad. She says that if it weren’t for learning what she wrote about in the book, she never would have taken hold of her own life and she never would have met the *real* love of her life who never hits us and plays ball with me and gives me lots of treats.

Trust me, we were better alone even though we both still loved first daddy – and then we met Daddy Jim. I can’t even remember first daddy anymore, and Daddy Jim is the love of my life, too. He’s the best!


Lee Kaplanian

Lee Kaplanian

In every difficult situation are gifts to uncover.”

-Lee Kaplanian



It’s not often that you happen upon a person that you immediately know, deep inside, will be a cherished friend forever. This was how I felt more than seven years ago when I met today’s guest at a small seminar in Kent, Washington. She invited me to coffee and the rest is history. Lee Kaplanian is an odd and wonderful duck. She moved to Australia to get married. She’s been a life-long volunteer. She has worked as a Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator and a trainer of instructors for Conn Chapter of Arthritis Foundation. Lee and I bonded on many levels, even as we were from vastly different generations and backgrounds. One thing we share is that we took care of our mothers through progressive illness until the end. Even in her darkest hours, Lee maintained her sense of humor and love for life.

Lee’s signature on her emails reads, “I am a healthy, powerful, inspiring woman courageously living my vision now.” This is the best way to define my friend and mentor, Lee Kaplanian.

I met Lee while I was writing Nose-to-Nose Networking, and she had a great influence on its tone and direction. She was one of the first recipients of the printed copy.

Lee is the host of “Finding the Gifts” on Tuesday mornings 9:30 am Pacific time on 1150 KKNW AM radio (Seattle) and she has a blog “The Gift of RA” where she chronicles her struggles and joys.

During our show, Jim read this quote from the recently departed Landau. It certainly fits in the theme of today’s show.

Everything that has happened to me is of value to me. As painful as certain things are, and have been, and were, there’s a use for those things in my life and in my work.”

-Martin Landau







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Bad boss! Bad! – Dog Abby

Bad boss! Bad! – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

My boss chastised me in front of my teammates at our weekly meeting yesterday. I am embarrassed and hurt and need to somehow let him know before it further damages our professional relationship. How do you suggest I handle this?

Hurt in Hamilton

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Bad Dog Dude,

When my mom was first training me, she had the good grace to take me to an open field where we could be alone and honest with each other. We developed a mutual trust that made working together easy and even fun. To this day, mom will only tell me “no” and use what I call “mean mommy voice” when I have done something very, very bad that must be fixed right there and then to protect me and others.

But you must understand, I am a dog. You may treat dogs like people, but you do not treat people like dogs.

If your boss is a grown-up and can handle it, be honest with him. Take this letter to your boss and talk about it. Also, give him a copy of mom’s book, The Sniper’s Guide to Leadership, turned to page 178 with the following paragraph highlighted:

“Criticizing someone in front of their peers is ineffective. Even if you have a perfectly valid point, all they hear is that you desired to humiliate them. It does not motivate, never has, and never will. The closest thing you will ever see is that person straightening out just long enough to find another job. Usually what you’ll see is a team that avoids you and each other with each member just trying to not get singled out.”

If your boss is not a grown-up who can handle it, run away. I would rather herd sheep or chase pigeons than fetch tennis balls for a tyrant.