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Bully for you, but not for me

Bully for you, but not for me

There is a despicable trend on the interwebs, one that you won’t see when talking to people in person. By talking, I mean actually TALKING, not the degenerative monologues we are seeing on main-stream media and on Facebook. This trend is the belief that s/he/it who shouts insults the loudest wins. Anyone who dares disagree with you magically becomes a Nazi, a racist, a homophobe, a fill-in-the-victim-of-the-week-aphobe-ist.

Name calling. Mature.

The thing that is really disgusting is that these people SAY they are against bullying, even as they use public shaming, baseless accusations, censorship, literal hate speech, and – yes – even violence to shut down anyone who even slightly disagrees. They get really frothy at the mouth if someone employs logic or science. They honestly believe that if a sensible person gives up and walks away from their intolerable screeching, they have “won” some sort of fight. They consider it a win even if they started a conflict where none existed before.

While it is comical to watch, it is dangerous to society. They are degrading decency and promoting violence all in the name of “tolerance.”

Quick reality check, folks, TOLERANCE means “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.”

We, the open-minded, studious, RATIONAL population of the planet challenge the rest of you to live up to your own expectations.

The alt-text for the alt-?

Toss the ball – Dog Abby

Toss the ball – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

I made a joke about my wife and she was hurt by it. It was just a joke! She has barely spoken to me since, and she’s being really immature about it. How do I help her get over it already? It was just a joke!

Funny on Fremont

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Meanie McMeanness

My dad thinks it’s hilarious to hold the ball and pretend like he’s throwing it. He laughs at me when I trust him and go running after it when he still has it in his hand. Here’s the thing, I am just humoring him because I know how slow he is. I pretend to be stupid so that he can feel better about himself. Eventually, he’ll stop and just toss the ball. If he did not, I would stop trusting him and I would not play with him anymore. Is this what you want your wife to do?

Dad is not trying to hurt my feelings, but if you hurt your wife’s feelings, it was not a joke, it was mean. She doesn’t need to get over it, you do. Say you are sorry and toss the ball already. She trusts you. Don’t ruin that.


A Bold Move

Independence Day


When you think of the Fourth of July, what do you think about? Is it hot dogs and hamburgers, music, fireworks? Is it taking the day off from work, watching sports on TV, throwing back a few cold ones? Or is it something much more important?


Hardly anyone I know calls the 4th of July Independence Day any more. I realize it’s easier to say “Fourth of July” than it is to say “Independence Day.” (Fewer syllables? Rolls off the tongue better? Who knows…) I am just as guilty as anyone of using the shortcut most of the time. As we approach the anniversary of the adopting of the Declaration of Independence, I want to take some time to remind myself and others as to the significance of this day.


The signing of the Declaration of Independence from England was considered an act of treason by the Crown. The 56 men who signed this document knew they were putting their lives and their livelihoods at risk .They also knew they were putting the lives of their families and communities in jeopardy. But they moved forward with it, knowing that the time had come to sever governmental ties to a country they had found less and less in common with, but who was still regulating and taxing them. They put forth “the proposition that all men are created equal,” and that they had been granted “inalienable rights” to live their lives free from the tyranny of King George.


The British Empire was a dominating force in the world at that time, and it was folly to consider such a bold move against the status quo. Indeed, many fellow colonists preferred to stay part of Britain, for both economic and political reasons. (Sound familiar?)  Britain, of course, didn’t take this lying down, and war commenced.


Upon Britain’s surrender, the great experiment of the United States truly began. But none of this would have happened without the bold move of those 56 men in July of 1776.


So please take a moment this 4th to think about the real meaning of the day, and educate those who would diminish its meaning.



Bob Sluys

Bob Sluys

Surviving an attack is not for the feint of heart…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob on several projects – from terrestrial radio to internet television. Bob is a gifted musician, a successful writer, and a supportive friend. He is the guy who will joke about anything, no matter how controversial or trivial. Bob has written several books about his experience with open-heart surgery. He is a healthy, energetic guy and does this without being the food police. In fact, we recently had Bob over for a night of grilled steak and corn with real butter.

In this episode, we talk about all things Bob, a little about self-promotion, and even a bit about politics.

Find Bob:







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Reunion ruckus – Dog Abby

Reunion ruckus – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

My high school sweetheart “Mary” and I were forced to break up by my parents because we were of different races. I never really got over it. My 20-year high school reunion is just around the corner, and I heard through a mutual friend that Mary was planning to go and was asking about me. She is still single. My heart is racing at the prospect of seeing her again, but I also recently went through a bitter divorce and I’m not sure I’m even ready to deal with my feelings at all. Should I go to this reunion?

Nervous in Nashville

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Doormat in Denial,

There is a lot for me to chew on here.  I am a Golden Retriever, but my mom encourages me to be nice to everyone – even dogs that are mean to me. If she was mad at me for hanging around with different breeds, I would not let that stop me from being friendly and nice and making friends. I guess I am lucky. My best friend is a cat, and mom never said anything. If she did, I would have to wonder if something were wrong with HER. Max and I would still be friends. Just saying.

What did you tell your friend when you stopped seeing her because her coat was a different color? Did you swat her on the nose and tell her to “shoo!” or did you nicely tell her that you were only interested in others with the same pedigree? If you barked or growled at her, I can see why you may be nervous. But that was a long time ago, and most people cannot even remember if they gave you your “fetch-the-paper” treat, much less exactly what happened 145 years ago.

So, go.  What is the worst thing that could happen?

If I worried about the people I may or may not see or the things that may or may not happen every time mom said we were going for a carcar ride, I would never go anywhere! I would never meet new kids or get a pupachino at the drivethrough! Once, I even got a whole slice of ham. When an opportunity comes to go somewhere and meet people, always take it! Your friend remembers you, so you already have a place to start.

Bishop’s child-saving invention

Bishop’s child-saving invention

Children saving children

Texas fifth grader Bishop Curry V saw a story about a 6-year-old in his city dying in a hot car. He decided he could create something to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. A great little inventor, Bishop set to work and created a simple – but effective – device that will alert parents when their child has been forgotten and cool the area until the child can be rescued. The device is called “Oasis.”

From their page:

“Bishop already has a provisional patent and a 3D model of his invention.  Based on guidance from our legal team $20K is the minimum that it will take to help Bishop complete his journey to save lives.”

They have already raised more than double that!


Here is the Go Fund Me link to 10-year-old Bishop’s invention.



From their Go Fund Me page (6-26-2017)

Thanks to all of your support Bishop’s Oasis invention patent documentation is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This has definitely been an amazing journey for Bishop and he is anxiously awaiting to hear back from to USPTO and begin the manufacturing process so that parents can have access to this technology. This year 11 children have already succumbed to hot car heat stroke. Please pray that caretakers will be mindful of their children and the dangers of vehicles in hot climates. Thanks again.

Bishop’s Family

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman

“What the f* was that?”

…and so goes the best song – OK, maybe second-best song, in “Evil Dead: The Musical” as sung by Chris Weidman.

The man…the voice…THE BOOM STICK: Chris Weidman spent four years on the the Las Vegas Strip playing the lead character, Ash while still establishing a foothold as a voice actor, improv actor, and stand-up comedian.

Chris was kind enough to hang out and record several of our advertisements (fake and real) in several celebrity voices.

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Librarian loses self; Kid-haters 101 – Dog Abby

Librarian loses self; Kid-haters 101 – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,
For years I had identified myself with my job as a librarian. I recently was downsized. I’m having difficulty coping with this. What would you suggest I do?
-Off-the-shelf in Oakland

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Out-of-your-mind in Oakland,
One of my favorite jobs is fetching the newspaper. When we moved from Seattle to Las Vegas, mom and dad did not get the paper for three whole years. I didn’t whine about it. I fetched tennis balls, stuffed animals, and even sticks. I was still who I am, and you are too. What’s funny, is that once I forgot all about fetching the paper each morning, mom and dad started ordering it again. Now I fetch the paper every day and all of those other things, too. Imagine if I would have just given up and never fetched again at all!


Dog Abby,

I am a divorced father of an amazing son who is 6 and a bright daughter who is 3. I have full custody. I just met an amazing woman and I am crazy about her. The problem is that she has said many times that she does not like kids and does not want any of her own. What do I do?

-Nervous in New York

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Nitwit in New York,

Whether it’s dogs, cats, or even children, they were there first, and that is where your loyalty lies. When mom and dad introduced our new kitty, Phrytzie, to our family, she did not like any of us. She got over it. Now she is one of my best friends. If your kitty doesn’t like your family, then find her another home.


Dissed in Dallas – Dog Abby

Dissed in Dallas – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

Every year, we get together with my father-in-law to celebrate Father’s Day. I really like my FIL, but my sister-in-law consistently makes snide remarks about my weight and everyone else just lets her get away with it. Should I confront her? What would you do?


Dissed in Dallas

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Disturbed in Dallas,

This is a pretty tiny thing to get your hackles up over. She’s just a yappy little Chihuahua who is trying to make herself feel better. Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things. By the way, did you know that dogs don’t sweat? Just saying.

Enjoy your time with your family, even the catty ones.



Father’s day 2017

Our first show is dedicated to dear old dad…well…sorta…

Father’s Day? Why are we starting our show on a Father’s Day?

  1. Our normal show will always be on Sunday at 7:30, so it just kinda happened that way
  2. Most dads are done with their day, so it’s a good time to listen
  3. Both hosts have lost their fathers, so they’ll have a lot to talk about


Mélanie here,

I first met my biological father in June of 2015. By August of 2016, he was dead. Not much time to ask all of those questions. Not nearly enough time to get to know him/ love him/ like him, even. He did not have any sage wisdom or sound advice. He did not have any “I’m sorry”s or movie-like revelations. He left nothing behind. I’m still processing both the encounter and the loss.

I did get a new sister out of the deal, though.