Francesca Gatto on CCW Radio

Francesca Gatto

The solution is everybody has to take control of their own destiny: physicians, patients…” ~Francesca Gatto Tonight’s guest is a recent transplant to Fabulous Las Vegas from Philadelphia. She is the Founding Partner of Virtual Care Partners and an authorized distributor of Carie Health. Carie health is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare to an affordable …

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Monica Miller

Google loves content. …focus on the quality of your content…” ~Monica Miller Our guest this evening is the bastion of blogging, the queen of content, and the shameless maven of social media. She is the founder of the Facebook group “Creative Influencers Café, where folks learn how to market their message. She is gearing up …

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John Gilligan on CCW Radio!

John Gilligan

There’s always some drunk guy after my show who shares some racially charged joke and tells me that I’m allowed to use it in my routine.” ~John Gilligan Tonight’s guest has appeared in comedy clubs all over the world. He’s appeared on television, most recently in the hit show Modern Family. He also has a …

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Marc Goodman on CCW Radio!

Marc Goodman

I’ve been on the wrong end of a shotgun three times.” ~Marc Goodman Tonight’s guest is a good friend of mine who emigrated from England. He is a multi-talented, intelligent, and truly fun guy. It’s time to talk to fellow Toastmaster, jewelry designer, financial services adviser, chef, and raconteur extraordinaire, the one and only Marc …

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Jeffrey Michaels

Jeffrey Michaels

My favorite show I’ve ever done is the one I’m doing now.” ~Jeffrey Michaels Tonight’s guest in an insanely talented man. I know because he sent me his actual resume. He plays the guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, and drums. He is trained in ballroom dancing, contemporary jazz, tap, hip-hop, and ballet. He sings. He …

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Bob Dancer on CCW Radio!

Bob Dancer

Players when they’re gambling can be really big jerks.” ~Bob Dancer Bob chose the more solitary route of video poker over live poker for just this reason. His decision has made him (and others) millions! Mélanie met Bob as a fellow improv actor, and had no idea that he was WORLD FAMOUS. As soon as …

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The first annual special!

The ONE YEAR Anniversary Special!!!

Happy Anniversary!! Has it REALLY been a year already? We decided to forego the usual format of our show and instead reminisce about our beginnings, our changes, our successes (and room for improvement), and play some of our best spoofs. We also talked about our plans and hopes for the future of our show. When …

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Angelo Casino on CCW Radio!

Angelo Casino

If it can be made better, then it IS broken.” ~Angelo Casino Our guest today has been blessed with the perfect name for the county is running for office in. Mr. Casino says on website that his promise to you is “a revitalized and modernized County Assessor’s Office that champions fairness, transparency, and efficiency.” He …

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