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The ONE YEAR Anniversary Special!!!

The ONE YEAR Anniversary Special!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Has it REALLY been a year already? We decided to forego the usual format of our show and instead reminisce about our beginnings, our changes, our successes (and room for improvement), and play some of our best spoofs. We also talked about our plans and hopes for the future of our show.

When Proof offered us our own time slot on Sundays (after co-hosting on his show), we had a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish…some political talk, maybe some interviews. Mélanie came up with the idea of DOG ABBY, which Jim thought was a silly idea, but went along with it. It has become one of Jim’s favorite parts of the show (you go, Abby!)

Eventually we decided to devote the second half of each show to an interview. Since then, we have booked authors, Vegas entertainers, political candidates of all stripes (no “gotchas” on this show, EVER!), renowned motivational speakers, you name it! The best is yet to come.

Jim has found his artistic groove again, writing spoofs and sketches for the show, which Mélanie records and produces. Jim says that he likes to take real-life situations (and stupid things politicians and pundits say) and stretch them into the absurd. He has had particular success with his character FBI Agent Orange. We played our series of Orange sketches, every single one of them based (sadly) on actual events. We also presented one of our CNN spoofs.

We then switched focus to the Dog Abby segment, which Mélanie produces. She puts herself into the mind of a Golden Retriever and helps give advice that is sweet, sensitive and simple, yet at the same time, wiser than that which most humans are equipped to give.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us upgrade our equipment and our production level. Please go to our Support Us page to find out how you can help!

Throughout the show, we received tributes from many guests and fans of the show. We are so grateful to you all…we wouldn’t be here without you! Also, special thanks to Proof Negative and Freedomizer Radio for the opportunity.

Year Two begins next week-don’t miss it!


Dog Abby

All three pets wanted to give advice. Abby had to step in to fix it.

Doggie Dollah


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Racism towards Self (Why White Guilt is Even More Racist Than Racism)

Racism towards Self (Why White Guilt is Even More Racist Than Racism)

Recently, one of my friends — someone I respect and look up to for her intelligence and sense of humor — regaled us with a story of how she was pulled over for a bogus charge. She got a ticket for an infraction that was “iffy” at best, and she was more than angry. After receiving her ticket, the police officer, who was a total jerk to her throughout the transaction, asked her if she had any questions. In a form that made me want to cheer, she explained how she told Officer Not-so-Friendly off. I would have done the same. Most of my friends would, because these are the type of kick-ass friends I have.

“Then…” she said with a straight face, “my white guilt kicked in.”

At first I thought she was joking. Up until then, it was a light-hearted rant about how Officer Macho was a jerk and she got a ticket she did not deserve. We all commiserated. But this white guilt thing? Turns out she was serious. She actually felt guilt for being white because, as she explained (since I was clueless), if she had not been white, she would have been dragged out of her car on trumped-up charges and either arrested or killed.

Insert screeching record sound here. Um…what?!

No, really. She really believes this. In fact, she and another friend — whom I also think the world of — both gave me incredulous looks as if *I* were insane for not understanding their position. They even told me that they were not willing to discuss it with me because the “facts proved it,” and I was wrong in my belief that not Every. Single. Human. Being. Is. Racist.

What facts? I’ve done my homework, and I have found ZERO statistics that stack up to this appalling mindset. I scoured the FBI statistics, the Bureau of Crime, and arrest records for decades. Nothing backs up this claim. So, this is based on anecdotes and feelings, but I do not feel this way. According to these two educated, intelligent ladies, there is something wrong with ME.

Maybe it was my upbringing?

Growing out of self-hatred and feelings of uselessness did not come naturally to me. My parents were never on my side. I was not raised in the “everybody gets a trophy” generation, and I had to fight for everything I got. I continue to fight for everything I have. I know what it is like to wait in line for government cheese, and I know what it is like to go hungry for days. I know what it is like to get denied for rentals, denied for auto loans, denied for home loans, and denied for even the easy-to-get department store credit. I know what it is like to be told that I do not qualify for any sort of student aid (other than mercenary loans that will follow me the rest of my life) because of my skin color (really). I know what homelessness and hopelessness feels like. I know what it is like to be “the one” who stands out in a room full of “normal” people. I know what it is like to have your own mother tell you that you were a burden. I have lived most of my life hating myself simply for being born.

It took a lot of work to build enough self-worth to go on, work hard, and actually do something with my life.

Yet now I am supposed to look around me and feel guilty. Not for doing anything wrong. Not for harming anyone or wanting to harm anyone. Not for doing or saying anything to set anyone back. No, I am supposed to hate myself for being born “white.”

Not only that, but I am to feel guilty because EVERYONE else who is white is racist, and that is why I “get away” with more. I do not know a single person who is a racist – frankly, because I would not want anything to do with them if they were. I take that back. I guess now I do know some racists, I just did not realize it.

I honestly cannot look at a cop, a clerk, or any other person I do not know and assume they are racist. Everyone? All the time? What a horrific, terrifying world to live in! Why would anyone want to live like that? Plus, if every white person is a disgusting racist pig that should feel guilty for their evil, evil ways (which could literally consist only of lack of melanin), then that means if you are white, you must be racist against all minorities AND yourself, as well. You must judge and hate large groups of people on nothing but assumptions. We are not only supposed to apologize for it, we are to perpetuate it. This is in the name of “equality” and “justice?” No, this is in the name of indoctrination and slavery. My skin color does not determine my mindset, and how DARE you tell me that it must.

This ideology is hatred, and it is racism, and I do not want to live that way.

…so I do not.

If you say terrible racist things against my friends — black, brown, white, polka-dotted, or covered in yellow duckies — then you take me on: a non-apologetic, educated ginger. I will not feel guilty for being born, and neither should you.

Bring it on, fascists.



Ok…lemmee see here…

I own a business. I pay the rent, the power, the water/sewer/trash, and all the supplies — including toiletries for patrons. I pay extra for the smooth jazz over the system, which I also paid to install, and I pay extra for all the losses from jackholes stealing stuff from the front end. I have to cover my employees’ wages, medical, unemployment taxes, uniforms, and I even come in on my days off to cover for them when their kids are sick or they have to study for a final. I pay for a custodian to ensure the place is clean. I have to pay taxes on the parking lot, taxes on the franchise rights, taxes on every purchase, and taxes for every item we sell. I even have to pay an insane amount in liability insurance should you trip over your own feet on the way in. I pay for the wifi that you connect to for free, even if you don’t come inside. I even bought all of the furniture you are planting your ass on, for free, while my ACTUAL customers are standing.

Come on! The least you could do is buy a freaking cup of coffee. Oh. You already brought your own drink. Wow. That’s kinda rude, innit? I mean, who does that?

Oh, wait…that’s racist…God forbid I should hold EVERYONE to the same standards. Silly me.





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March for Ending our Rights

March for Ending our Rights

One of my friends on Facebook posted that she was getting rid of her microwave. I’ve heard the crazy stories about atomic structures of food, degrading vitamins, yadda yadda — but this was not part of her logic. She’s doing it for health reasons, she said. “I hardly ever if never cook “healthy” food in the microwave. It’s all about pizza rolls, chicken nuggets and hot dogs.”

Just in case she reads this (I doubt it, but just in case,) I’m not judging — God knows I am not the pinnacle of health. That has nothing to do with my point. What concerns me is that she and so many who supported her on this post saw this as not only logical, but something to celebrate.

So…let me get this straight…it’s the MICROWAVE’s fault that you eat junk food?

I have always hated the passive language used by news outlets, mainly to remove the perpetrator from the equation. Headlines read, “8 pedestrians were stuck by a truck.” or “Truck plows into pedestrians.” Uh…no. The DRIVER may have been in a truck at the time, and the DRIVER hit the pedestrians. Why are we blaming the vehicle?

This really gave me some insight to the current mindset of society. People don’t eat poorly; microwaves force them to. People don’t run over pedestrians; the vehicles do. People don’t shoot people; guns do. Hammers hit things, saws saw things, and screwdrivers…well… (I guess that lets Bubba Bill off the hook, huh?)

So, let’s blame the tool — not the users — and the only solution is to punish everyone who has tools, even though 99.99999999999% of us use them correctly.

Which makes sense. Until you load a gun, set it on a table, and leave it there expecting it to grow legs and shoot people.

I get the hysteria. I do. Anyone who has ever been calm during an emergency while everyone else runs around screaming knows that it is only when we are calm and rational that we see our way through the storm. Nuking the planet because you are afraid of thunder is not the way. Calm the hell down and learn something before you go spouting illegitimate statistics and baseless accusations.

And, for God’s sake, STOP using children as your puppets.

On gun control and school walk-outs

On gun control and school walk-outs

(Cross-posted from my Facebook feed)

I’m about to lose a bunch of “friends” because…feelings over logic… If you cannot be rational, good riddance. I’ve already been called a racist, homophobic, misogynistic nazi, so it’s only uphill from there. Those who know me, know better. Those who don’t know me and judge anyway don’t matter.

My heart is broken. I have cried for days for the senseless loss of precious children at the hands of a maniac. I have not yet gotten over the October tragedy (remember, I can practically reach out and touch Mandalay Bay from my front yard.) I want solutions. So far, all I’ve seen is uneducated speculation, idiocy, and “muh feelings.” Main-stream media is feeding irrational fears and, often, flat-out lying! Meanwhile, there are sides but no solutions. What the living hell?

Here is what the kids who walked out took time off of school for today:

1. Ban assault rifles.
Done. Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

2. Require universal background checks before gun sales.
Done. National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) — Mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 and launched by the FBI on November 30, 1998

3. Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior.

Done. Oh, and the “trade show loophole” is a myth, always has been.

Reasons you can be denied from purchasing a gun (since 1993):
Convicted of a felony
Convicted in any court of a crime which is punishable by a term of more than one year or a misdemeanor punishable by more than two years. This is the number one reason why requests for firearm transfers are denied.
Indicted for a crime punishable by more than one year
A fugitive from justice
A user of illegal drugs or an addict
Involuntarily committed to a mental institution
An illegal alien
Dishonorably discharged from the armed forces
Renounced your U.S. citizenship
Subject to a restraining order for threatening a family member
Convicted of domestic violence
Under an indictment, but not convicted, of a crime carrying a possible year-long prison sentence

***When I was battered and hospitalized, I filed a restraining order which included a request that my soon-to-be ex-husband be disarmed both because he threatened MY life and HIS OWN (suicide was his go-to control tactic.) My request was categorically denied by the Olympia, WA PD for no reason other than “he owns the property.” This was in DIRECT VIOLATION of actual law. SO…laws helped…***

Let’s play the “ban all guns game.” Seriously, let’s do it. It works so very well, and it makes you feel good. Ban ’em all, even muskets and BB guns. We have a great history of things like this working. For instance, EVERYBODY stopped drinking in 1920 and there was positively no way to get alcohol anywhere. When Nixon declared a war on drugs, all addictions immediately stopped and we’ve had no issues with that or cartels ever since. No child is in danger of being sexually violated, ever.

Come on! We don’t even enforce our own immigration laws.

(hint: criminals, by definition, do not give a shit about laws)

There’s an old proverb, “When marriage is banned, only outlaws will have in-laws.” You can’t stop the black market anymore than you can stop stupid…obviously…

Things that will ACTUALLY prevent these horrific events:

STOP MEDICATING CHILDREN!!!! 100% were on meds, most for ADD

Pay attention to your damn kids. Most of these kids were bullied, neglected, and/or came from single-parent households (or the foster program)

#bangunfreezones (it’s making our children fish in a barrel, with an inviting sign)

Enforce the laws already in place

Pay attention to social media and …oh, I don’t know… people who call the FBI and say that they want to be a school shooter

If you are afraid of the teachers being allowed to carry because of their mental state, why the HELL do you allow them to shape young minds at all? These crazies should be fired. Unions be damned

Do. Not. Disarm. The. Good. Guys.

Educate yourselves. Automatic guns have been banned for decades (1920s). Just because it’s black and scary-looking does not mean it is an “assault rifle.” In fact, it was a (sad) blessing that this nutjob chose an AR-15, as he had less range and mobility and therefore hit fewer victims. Disgusting, but true

So…kids are being celebrated for walking out of institutions of education to protest something they are *NOT* educated about. Funny, that.

They are not solving the problem. They are propagating it. They cannot even see the irony of using one Constitutional right to try to deny another.

Educate each other. Love each other. It’s the only way.

Build the damn wall. It’ll be cheaper.

Build the damn wall. It’ll be cheaper.

That whiney, incessant wind-tunnel sound you are still hearing after a full year is actually escaped expletives from the Democratic echo chamber as they continue to try to convince us Plebs that $4.1 billion is too much for border security. Keep in mind, these are the same folks that rallied around Obama when he spent $2 million EACH to train “moderate” Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS. That program was so successful that it was shut down after training 145 of ‘em, and only 95 who actually went back to Syria. …and ISIS was doing still just fine when Bummer left office, thank you. (Where did the rest of the trainees go, and how much is that costing us?) But I digress…

God forbid a businessman with experience in construction should be in charge of a construction project — not when soft, government teat-sucking hypocrites know so much more than the rest of us idjuts.

Of course, this (and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA) is the focus while the Dems sit for the flag, boo jobs for their constituents, harass and rape each other endlessly, and spit on murder victims because they are too white to count toward their agenda. It’s all about priorities, folks.

So, in honor of their concerns, let’s take a look 10 projects that our government felt we SHOULD pay for instead. Keep in mind; this is just a tiny taste. Ha. (You’ll get the funny when you read #6)


(1) Troubled, my assets

TARP cost us taxpayers $700 billion — to start. The total so far is $12.8 TRILLION, and climbing. They aren’t being watched with our money, and they have not fixed the problems that caused this mess in the first place (just search for Wells Fargo on any given news day to see the fine, upstanding citizens our stolen monies are going to assist). I guess that’s why it takes my paychecks 5-7 business days to go into my account, but my power bill 5-7 minutes to come out.


(2) Define what “is” is

We…no, our “representative government” wastes $123 billion ANNUALLY on programs that fail to impact the populations they serve. Fail. To. Impact. What the hell are they doing? Honestly?


Oh, and add to that $25 billion ANNUALLY to maintain vacant federal properties. Those really, really affect no one except us taxpayers. Nice. How about we just move the immigrants into these vacant sites and lock the doors? No, that’s just mean. Ooooh, better… we could house ALL OF OUR OWN HOMELESS VETERENS. That would be a program that impacts the population we should be serving. Too logical? Sorry…not sorry.


(3) Instead of a wall, we could just stack dead F-35s

$406.5 billion of our tax dollars later and we still don’t have a neato fighting jet. What’s worse, if they do actually ever get built, it will cost more than $1 trillion just to maintain them. IF they ever get built.


(4) Because Detroit is such a fine place to raise your kids

It irks me when folks who think our country is a democracy (it’s not) whine about the issues caused by having capitalism (we don’t). Here is another fine example of the difference between capitalism and corporatism: the recorded $11.2 billion loss in the GM bailout. I guess it wasn’t too big to fail, after all.

Don’t worry, the company itself is showing profits. We just don’t get to benefit from them in any way. I mean, did YOU get a free truck or any of your money back last year?


(5) Parking garage — 16 years, $120 million…and counting…

Here in Las Vegas, I have seen entire casinos (and their new parking-fee monitoring systems) go up in mere weeks. But the Paul S. Sarbanes Silver Spring Transit Center in Silver Spring, M.D. is still under construction, and with no end in sight. It’s a freaking parking garage! Oh, and Pulte Home Corp. is now suing the government for $165 million, plus legal costs, for the delay.


(6) I’d rather eat Moon Pies

The US government is currently shelling out $1 million PER YEAR for taste-testers of what they call the “Mars Menu” — you know, for that expedition that has not happened and will not happen for at least another 20 years? The purpose of the taste-tests is to ensure that the folks on the Mars mission (that isn’t happening, remember) won’t face “food monotony.” Boy that would suck, since so many of us taxpayers spent all eight Obama years subsisting on Top Ramen while wishing we could afford healthcare to cure our severe depression and malnutrition-induced obesity. Well, nothing is too good for astronauts that have not been born yet.


(7) IRS still can’t figure itself out

Rather than update their software each year, the IRS is spending $83 million to transfer 140 million taxpayers’ data from a program built in the 1960s. Hey, IRS — you know we enter all of that info every year ourselves, right? Rather than pay nearly $1 each to transfer each person’s data, why don’t you just have it go to the right place the first time — for free?

Oh, and keep in mind that this is the SECOND failed attempt. The first one cost us $37 million over budget (not sure what the budget was) to not get it done that time, either.


(8) Special favors for the second-best cola

In another prime example of corporatism vs. capitalism, Pepsi extorted $1.3+ million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce to build a new aquifer-direct water supply system, a new road leading to their plant, and to improve the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Parks’ wastewater capacity. You know, since they are so poor they need extra help from us, the taxpayers, to ensure their solvency.


(9) WoW subscriptions only cost $15/month

Aren’t you glad that $1.2 million from a National Science Foundation grant went to study seniors playing video games? Me either. What makes it oh-so-rich is that the findings were inconclusive, at best. While much controversy swirled around whether they actually played WoW, in particular, I propose that it doesn’t matter. I have never been paid to play Cookie Cats.


(10) Criminy – Chuck E. Cheese beat you to it, and theirs were cooler!

The Department of Defense — yep, the guys that SHOULD be building a damn wall — spent $2 million to pay musicians and researchers to develop music computers that can hook up to robots. No, really. The video is cool, but not on my dime.





















Vacant properties –

GM bailout –

F-35 –


Mars Menu –

Silver Spring Transit Center –

Video Game Study –

Infantilization does *not* liberate us!

Infantilization does *not* liberate us!

The #MeToo movement is bunk.

Oh, yeah, I’m ready for the backlash, and I don’t care. I KNOW what backlash feels like, and I’m up for it from the likes of RapeyWood and the SJW scum who are nothing but racist, self-hating psychos projecting their vitriol on everyone else.

As an actual rape survivor, I am constantly barraged by reminders from women who were barely glanced at and yet are screaming “I’M A VICTIM” as if it is valid. It’s not. This is not a case of “blame the victim.” This is a case of STOP TRYING TO BE A VICTIM AND STOP ECLIPSING THE REAL EXPERIENCES OF THOSE WHO WERE.

Got looked at? Got catcalled? Had a bad date? You are not victims. You are wannabes. What you are doing to others is just gross.

Yes. I’m mad. You should be, too.

I am a feminist. And, I am proudly not a feminist in the warped, unequal, man-hating, shrill, pussy-hat wearing way that it means now. All men are not bad. In fact, very few are. If EVERY man you’ve ever met is a horrible human being, it’s time you start looking in the mirror, boobie. We reap what we sow. We attract what we focus on the most. Think about it.

Third-wave feminism is sadly similar to the Third Reich. They are focused on literally destroying anyone that doesn’t look right, doesn’t speak right, has a brain, and — God forbid — uses it. They may not have gas chambers (yet), but they have built enough power to make anyone who is even accused of being a Jew *cough cough* I mean, sexist, to WISH for a gas chamber.

Instead of blaming all men, how about we ask what this says about how we raise our children? Let’s face it, every damn one of these men were born of and raised by…let’s see…oh, that would be YOU! WOMEN are teaching these boys how to act. Great job, ladies.

"Male feminists" are wolves in pussy's clothingMeanwhile, these same mothers tell their little girls that they MUST be victims. They are weak and should be terrified of the big, bad world that is always against them. The odds are not in their favor, and that has nothing to do with their bad choices. The patriarchy and toxic masculinity is out to get them. They must be coddled and protected. Being “strong” simply means being shrill and demanding equal outcome for all endeavors and crying wolf at every opportunity. Then they wonder why people don’t “listen and believe.” Put two and two together, gals.

For the record, “Toxic Masculinity” is a hoax. It’s a buzzword created to make foaming-at-the-mouth hardcore blame-seekers look as if they have a valid excuse. Once you must blame, shame, and make excuses, you are no longer victimized. You are now the one CHOOSING to be a victim, and your chosen victimhood is invalid. You are like a dog that squeals as if being murdered simply because it is not getting its way.

Much like “equal opportunity,” which offers exactly the opposite, this mindset tears women down, shredding men on the way.

Ladies: stop it. You cannot succeed through victimhood.


Collusion Projection

I was beyond hurt when my first husband accused me of cheating. Not only had I never done it, I had never even THOUGHT about doing it. He insisted, he swore, he tore into me every chance he got. He called me horrific names. He threw things at me. He threatened me. No amount of pleading or telling him the truth would satiate him. He took everything I did — from having a job (even though I was the one who paid ALL the bills, since he never worked) to going to church — as a personal insult. He hurt me. He kicked me out.

I. Did. Nothing. Wrong.

While homeless with a broken leg and pneumonia, and after he filed a restraining order against me, I learned that he also had moved in his mistress. So, it was not me who cheated. It was him all along. He is also the one who filed for divorce while I was in the hospital. I found out in the local paper, since he could not be bothered to tell me. Yet, he told everyone I was the “vicious” one.

I’ve seen this in countless scenarios, and now that I am more familiar with the concepts of gaslighting and projecting, I understand that the more someone accuses an innocent person of doing something heinous, the more likely the accuser is actually the offender doing that very thing.

You know, kinda like vociferous homophobes who are secretly gay? Yeah, that.

So I’m just going to say it: RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

Was there collusion? Oh, yes! And it wasn’t Trump.

Was there sexual harassment and/or rape? Oh, yes! And it wasn’t Trump.

Did some entity infiltrate the 2016 presidential campaign? Oh, yes! And it wasn’t Trump.

Was there rampant (and blatant) racism? Oh, yes! And it wasn’t Trump.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

~Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

I could go on and on and on…and that’s just politics. I’m not even getting started on Hollywood and the payoffs and the “victims” who allowed, condoned, and perpetuated the Weinstein et al rape culture. Oh, wait — Barack Obama, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, both Clintons, the DNC…I guess that IS politics, after all.

Sens. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has received $14,200 from Weinstein since the early 2000’s; Cory Booker (D., NJ) has taken $7,800; Kirsten Gillibrand (D., NY) was given $11,800; Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) $5,600; Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn. ) $5,400; Al Franken (D., Minn.) $10,000; Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) $5,000 ; Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) $1,000; Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I. ) $1,000; and Martin Heinrich (D., NM), who has received $5,400 from Weinstein just this year.

Weinstein has contributed six-figure sums to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Weinstein has given more than $100,000 to the DNC while tens of thousands of dollars have gone to the DSCC.

red maga hat

Now, you may be reading this and thinking that I’m a MAGA-hat wearing rapid Trump supporter. Not really. I am a TRUTH supporter, and this guy is not getting a fair shake from these deflectors. I wish he would just shut up on Twitter, honestly. He does not have to defend himself (I know from experience that — especially if you are innocent — it only makes things worse). They are burying themselves. Just pop some corn, sit back, and watch the carnage. Shhh…they’ll all be locked away soon…

The louder the accusers, the more these people are coming out as offenders themselves. The only difference is they only have accusations against Trump, while there is mountains of ACTUAL PROOF against this basket of deplorables.

The murder of Cinna

The murder of Cinna

In his play, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare writes of Cinna, a gentle poet who loses his life to an angry mob as part of the revolt against Caesar. This story is based on historical fact, as Cinna the conspirator and Cinna the poet were indeed mistaken due to their similar names in 44 B.C. and the poet was murdered simply for his surname.

Ah, the Bard. He knew so much about what was about to come, or perhaps we are simply living up to his low expectations?

Well, it’s happened to me, so I kinda get this poor Cinna fella. I’ve been labelled a racist, a right-wing nut, a member of the KKK, and later even a Nazi. Yep. Little ol’ red-haired, married to a Jew, performs gay weddings ME is now a white-robe wearing Nazi. Know why?

My first name is similar to that of the FLOTUS.

I guess that is all it takes these days.

Let’s never mind that not a single one of these things is true about either the president OR his wife. Witch-hunts abound in this emotionally (though not factually) charged political climate. People troll Facebook so that they can post on OTHER PEOPLE’s feeds (uninvited) and bully anyone who doesn’t either agree with them or shut down in response to their temper-tantrums. This happens to me literally on a daily basis simply because I like to double-check things and look up the actual facts before I decide on something. Even just asking a question has lost me “friends.” Good riddance. I seek friends who are intelligent and grounded — they don’t have to agree with me, as I love a good challenge — they simply have to be…well…not insane.

I’m in good company, though, since every public figure in modern history since the Führer himself has been called Hitler. Literally. Anyone who disagrees with someone else is “literally Hitler.” Trump is “literally Hitler.” Alex Jones is “literally Hitler.” Everyone who voted for Trump is “literally Hitler.”

This particular exchange was so ridiculous that I can’t help but share. She began by calling everyone on a friend’s post a bunch of names…you know, so they would carefully consider her viewpoint. Then, when most ignored her for that, she let loose on the prez in her decidedly intellectual fashion.

When someone asked why she was so upset, she declared war on them. There were no names slung at this point by anyone other than her. I tried not to, God help me, but she was just so…erk! How can you say that WE are racist when YOU are the one who calls the former president monkey-eared? You say that they had class, but would you know what class was if it bit you on your own ear? Yikes.

Of course, being the intellectual she is, she quickly does a fact-check…

She then goes on to stalk me by IM. She was not smart enough to figure out how to attach whatever it was she was ranting about.

Then she pops up on my own site – even my stir-fry is eeeeeevil.

As you can see, Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. It’s perverse, intellectually lazy, and dangerous. Just like another mental ailment, folks who suffer from TDS hear voices in their head (such as CNN, Huff Post, and other propaganda machines) and BELIEVE they are real and what they have to say makes sense. Scary. Then they act out on the insanity that is floating around in their muddled brains and act as if anyone who questions them and their fantasy world — even just to compare it to reality — is crazy.

The unfortunate Cinna becomes a victim just because he has the same name as one of the conspirators. He is desperate to prove that he is not one of them, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. The crowd is driven not by reason, but by rage. Sound familiar?

How long before TDS causes these folks to start stabbing innocents due to their blinding rage? Oh, wait, that’s already happening.

Keaton Jones

Keaton Jones

Let me share a few tweets…keep in mind that these are directed toward a 10-year-old CHILD. Seriously, these are to a little boy who has obvious birth defects and whose mom posted a video of him sobbing because he has been bullied…and these are the nicer ones.

I can’t help but wonder how many people watched Forrest Gump and shouted at the screen, “GET ‘EM BOYS!! BEAT UP THAT SLOW KID!!” These assholes truly side with the bullies and think it’s OK…because…Muh Racism.

You are freaking bullies, all of you. You’re nothing but virtue-signaling, race-baiting hypocrites. He’s a disabled CHILD for everything holy. You can’t even control your grown-ass selves from bullying a CHILD? Your emotional, knee-jerk reactions make you worse than any racist, nazi, or socialist (you heard me) could aspire to. You are sick excuses for human beings who need a heaping dose of reality and decency.

For those jumping on the bullying bandwagon — not that you could recognize any semblance of logic:

  1. Neither the kid nor the kid’s mother set up the GoFundMe. It says so right on the front page.
  2. The bully MMA fighter (Joe Schilling) even admitted that he was not sure he was messaging to the actual account of the mom (it was later confirmed by both screenshots and the boy’s sister that he was NOT).
  3. And a stupid flag? You judge people by what they stand next to, not who they are or what they do — even if they are only 10 years old? Seriously?

I’m going to go tell all my black friends and family that they are racists for having/wearing/flying the southern flag (many still do).

Meanwhile, I’m going to need you to stop wearing green and drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day because my slave ancestors do not appreciate your appropriation. Oh, wait…never mind…I don’t really care BECAUSE I’M A GROWN UP WITH A BRAIN. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Please don’t breed.