Forewarning of the Fruit!

Current Events We once again confronted “Kavanonsense!” Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh was subjected to the hearing and the FBI investigation that the lefties were screaming for, based on 11th-hour, unsubstantiated accusations. There was no evidence, and so Kavanaugh is now a Justice. Was he the best choice? Probably not, but thanks to this circus sideshow …

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Dana Wall-Oakley on CCW Radio!

Dana Wall-Oakley

Dana Wall-Oakley is what Jim affectionately calls a “TMJ” – Toastmaster Junkie. She is incredibly active in the Toastmasters world, and even met her amazing husband, Jesse Oakley III (whom we’ve had on this very show) through Toastmasters. As a longstanding member of the Windjammers club, she is part of their 60-year anniversary celebration. Here, …

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Las Vegas one year later; still healing; still questioning

Our interface with the server was crazy-bad. It seems the minute we donned our tinfoil hats, our show was knocked off the ‘net. For this week’s podcast, we offer the pre-recorded bits combined with our earlier Periscope (sorry for the traffic noise). One year later On October 1, 2017 at 10:05 to 10:16 PM, a …

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Karen MacDonald on CCW Radio!

Karen MacDonald

Jim met Karen when she was a guest on the Proof Negative show. She is a proponent for freedom, a registered nurse, and a naturopath. We had many technical difficulties during this broadcast, so we apologize for the quality. Karen sounded great right up until her phone died. Awaken Total Health Products   Karen MacDonald …

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Cassie Krupp on CCW Radio!

Cassandra Krupp

“I love to act, but I believe the world needs good directors with the patience to do those things.” ~Cassie Krupp Tonight’s guest is a truly gifted and creative woman. From entertaining and celebrating the creative work of children, to producing Shakespeare productions for adults, tonight’s guest is an entertainer for everyone. Tonight we welcome …

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John Kinde

Never stop learning. Our guest tonight is one of my heroes. He’s a magician, a comic, an incredible speaker, and an amazing mentor. He is generous with his time and always open to a challenge. You can find his writing all over prominent publications including the New Yorker and Toastmaster’s Magazine. He also dissects and …

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