Dog Abby

Looking for some advice?

Call in to Dog Abby,* for no-nonsense happiness advice. If anyone knows what it takes to be happy, it’s Abigail Hope!

Abby is not your average Golden Retriever. She is the Spokesdog for her own book line, and she knows how to network, communicate, and make new friends.

If you find yourself upset, distraught, or just plain confused, Abby has your back. She will tell you how to re-find that joy you once had (no matter how long ago that was). It might involve a swim or some tennis balls, but you will have a place to start.

(Warning: Abby and Mélanie are both pragmatic, middle-aged gingers who sound remarkably alike.)



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*That is her real name and she’s a Dog not a Dear, so please don’t sue us, Ms. Phillips.