What does CounterCultureWISE mean, anyway?

Our name is a combination of counter-clockwise and counter-culture. We purposefully go counter to the mainstream victim/anger narrative by laughing at them. We then counter that culture by focusing on the good things.

We are not perfect and don’t want to be. We want to learn and grow. We want to bring you with us. Let’s try some things together.

  • Toss what you’re “told” to believe and pay attention to reality
  • Forget taking yourself so freaking seriously
  • Wipe out whinging over hurt feelings
  • Get off your butt/knee and actually MAKE the world a better place
  • Have fun with the joke that has become main-stream media
  • Point and laugh at the silliness of hypocrisy on both sides
  • Sidestep censorship and speak out for freedom
  • Take personal responsibility for your decisions, no matter how dumb
  • Replace whining with winning
  • Know that you are loved by God, and through Him, ALL things are possible
  • Look for the good in people, because most people are good

We know, these concepts are totally counter culture these days. Get wise to reality.

Join Mélanie Hope, author of Get Over it & Get Started and What’s Wrong with These People? and James Moniz, author/actor/Marine for a powerful show full of positive people, crazy news, self-empowerment…and a few political rants.

We invite guests who embody these concepts through their work, their works, and their words — even if we disagree. Heck, especially if we disagree. We offer shameless plugs of their current projects and a forum for their free speech. If you’d like to be a guest on our show, fill out the guest form.

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Tonight, we emerge from a ham-and-turkey-induced slumber to bring you a brand-stinking-new CounterCultureWise! VW bugs, Venom Fest, a 10-year-old midwife, and more than you can shake a turkey leg at.


Holy Crap, Trump is Actually Happening

Trump announced his run for 2024 presidency, progressives explode into shards of salt.


Mumsies birthday extravaganza with cohost Nick Pierce

Welcome to the show. Melanie’s birthday is celebrated today, with special guest Nick Pierce! But first… Phrytzie’s Mumsie’s Day Spectacular!!! (Yes, they took over the studio…again…)   How is this even close? Fetterman and Oz in virtual dead heat  …


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — All Nutjobs

Short one this week. Not much to say. Election integrity? Dunno.

The Red Wave

The Red Tide

Tonight, we welcome Nick Pierce back for a second week in a row as we give the post mortem on what was hyped as a Red Wave. (Sheesh!) Plus all the other segments you know and love.


Truth is Spookier than Fiction Edition — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Elon frees the bird, and the spoiled twits freak out. We found the single politician who doesn’t like flinging poo. NYC might have to pay for its hypocrisy. It came from lab, duh. Pelosi and Abrams solve the economy by changing the subject. Biden does a whammy of an interview.