What does CounterCultureWISE mean, anyway?

Our name is a combination of counter-clockwise and counter-culture. We purposefully go counter to the mainstream victim/anger narrative by laughing at them.

Join Mélanie Hope, author of Get Over it & Get Started and What’s Wrong with These People? and James Moniz, author/actor/Marine for a powerful show full of positive people, crazy news, self-empowerment…and a few political rants.

We invite guests who embody these concepts through their work, their works, and their words — even if we disagree. Heck, especially if we disagree. We offer shameless plugs of their current projects and a forum for their free speech. If you’d like to be a guest on our show, fill out the guest form.

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What Have We Come To?

On tonight’s CounterCultureWISE podcast:
Yes, we talk about what went down in Pennsylvania. No, we don’t hold back. We also say goodbye to some beloved icons of our time, share some laughs, and poke fun at Florida Man — without firing a single shot.
All that, plus news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked!

Donald Trump after assassination attempt

Holy Crap! This is Actually Happening – Now You Gotta Kiss Me Edition

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an ear.


Interview with Dan Granger

Dan Granger is the author of the children’s book, “Why is Sam so SAD?” In this long-form interview, we go over his motivation for the book, his fascinating life, and how he is Sam and Sam is he.


Foiled Again – with guest interview Dan Granger (full podcast)

Welcome to the show. We are thrilled to bring you a new interview. Hear author Dan Granger talk about his new book “Why is Sam so SAD?” It explains Seasonal Affective Disorder from a kid’s point of view; we highly…


The Big Debate

Tonight we say goodbye to a great baseball player and a great actor. We discuss whether the 10 Commandments belong in schools. We celebrate lingering lynxes, and we poke fun at Florida Man.


What was THAT?

Welcome to the show. To use the title of a song from a musical Jim once performed in…WHAT THE $@*& WAS THAT? This debate proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe being unfit for the job was NOT…