Blackouts and wine with Sarah Lawrence

We had Sarah Lawrence in our studio, drinking wine and celebrating gratitude. The energy was high, and we had a lot of fun. Max interviewed the wrong Acosta, Abby answered a difficult letter, and we foregoed Jim Class to talk about why we can’t have nice things.

Shea Lindley on CCW Radio

Drinking, Democrats, and Brother-Cousins

Shea Lindley shares his unique brand of humor and music, we celebrate the birth of our nation, and we make fun of the Democrats, who had a terrible week. Abby answers a question about family fighting over a will, and we read letters that both our cats received from major news networks.

Nick Pierce of visits CCW Radio!

BIL and a New Studio Sound!

The CCW crew gets a major upgrade, invites on multiple guests, and has a blast being barefoot.

Clowns are taking over the world

Upside-down clown world

Jim & Mélanie talk about Clown World, Agent Orange saves the world from 4-chan, Phrytzie & Max try some Shakespeare, and we get a peek into the 2020 DNC debates


Father’s Day Special

The CCWise crew celebrates fathers from all over with stories, poems, and a special Dog Abby. Max interviews Nancy Pelosi. He also rehires, then refires Norbert.


The Big Fan Edition!

The fans take over the show. Not those kind…the giant, loud, carpet-drying kind. Jim finally gets his typewriter. Mélanie discusses how Pride fits into the Gospel (according to her). We give the pets the night off.