Father’s day 2017

Our first show is dedicated to dear old dad…well…sorta…

Father’s Day? Why are we starting our show on a Father’s Day?

  1. Our normal show will always be on Sunday at 7:30, so it just kinda happened that way
  2. Most dads are done with their day, so it’s a good time to listen
  3. Both hosts have lost their fathers, so they’ll have a lot to talk about


Mélanie here,

I first met my biological father in June of 2015. By August of 2016, he was dead. Not much time to ask all of those questions. Not nearly enough time to get to know him/ love him/ like him, even. He did not have any sage wisdom or sound advice. He did not have any “I’m sorry”s or movie-like revelations. He left nothing behind. I’m still processing both the encounter and the loss.

I did get a new sister out of the deal, though.

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