Dog Abby, advice from a Golden

Dissed in Dallas – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

Every year, we get together with my father-in-law to celebrate Father’s Day. I really like my FIL, but my sister-in-law consistently makes snide remarks about my weight and everyone else just lets her get away with it. Should I confront her? What would you do?


Dissed in Dallas

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Disturbed in Dallas,

This is a pretty tiny thing to get your hackles up over. She’s just a yappy little Chihuahua who is trying to make herself feel better. Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things. By the way, did you know that dogs don’t sweat? Just saying.

Enjoy your time with your family, even the catty ones.



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