Dog Abby, advice from a Golden

Librarian loses self; Kid-haters 101 – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,
For years I had identified myself with my job as a librarian. I recently was downsized. I’m having difficulty coping with this. What would you suggest I do?
-Off-the-shelf in Oakland

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Out-of-your-mind in Oakland,
One of my favorite jobs is fetching the newspaper. When we moved from Seattle to Las Vegas, mom and dad did not get the paper for three whole years. I didn’t whine about it. I fetched tennis balls, stuffed animals, and even sticks. I was still who I am, and you are too. What’s funny, is that once I forgot all about fetching the paper each morning, mom and dad started ordering it again. Now I fetch the paper every day and all of those other things, too. Imagine if I would have just given up and never fetched again at all!


Dog Abby,

I am a divorced father of an amazing son who is 6 and a bright daughter who is 3. I have full custody. I just met an amazing woman and I am crazy about her. The problem is that she has said many times that she does not like kids and does not want any of her own. What do I do?

-Nervous in New York

Dog Abby paw print


Dear Nitwit in New York,

Whether it’s dogs, cats, or even children, they were there first, and that is where your loyalty lies. When mom and dad introduced our new kitty, Phrytzie, to our family, she did not like any of us. She got over it. Now she is one of my best friends. If your kitty doesn’t like your family, then find her another home.


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