Jim, Abby, Mélanie

The Sophomore Episode

Catching up

This was labelled our “Sophomore Episode” by Darkwing Dave — who we later end up interviewing.


Jim is trying to keep his artistic juices flowing. A day with art is a wasted day. He talks about the balance of adulting and pursuing your bliss.


Writing for herself and for her clients, she was just finishing up the events section for the July edition of KNPR’s Desert Companion. Jim sings the praises of the station and the magazine.

She talks about her upcoming book, “What’s Wrong With These People?”

Sadly, there is a weird echo which throws everybody off (sorry about that, folks).

She talks about how, being a mostly English major who writes for a living, she has been tutoring mostly math.

Good news

There are more good things going on than bad, but we don’t get to hear much about that. Mélanie vows to share actual good news on each broadcast. She believes if the show is going to blow, it’s going to blow sunshine up people’s skirts.

CCTV captures a policeman, Anirut Malee, calming a man wielding a knife. They ended up in a hug.

A 10-year-old boy named Bishop Curry invented a device that will rescue children trapped in hot cars.


Dog Abby

Do you entirely identify with your job? Should you? How about hating kids? Read Abby’s answer here.





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