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Toss the ball – Dog Abby

Dog Abby,

I made a joke about my wife and she was hurt by it. It was just a joke! She has barely spoken to me since, and she’s being really immature about it. How do I help her get over it already? It was just a joke!

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Dear Meanie McMeanness

My dad thinks it’s hilarious to hold the ball and pretend like he’s throwing it. He laughs at me when I trust him and go running after it when he still has it in his hand. Here’s the thing, I am just humoring him because I know how slow he is. I pretend to be stupid so that he can feel better about himself. Eventually, he’ll stop and just toss the ball. If he did not, I would stop trusting him and I would not play with him anymore. Is this what you want your wife to do?

Dad is not trying to hurt my feelings, but if you hurt your wife’s feelings, it was not a joke, it was mean. She doesn’t need to get over it, you do. Say you are sorry and toss the ball already. She trusts you. Don’t ruin that.


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