Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Bullies and Bikers

Jim & Mélanie check in:

Mélanie talked about the celebrity roast of Carolyn Pelletier, which our guest George Gilbert was a part of. (“We’re going to actually be funny, unlike the roasts of today.”)

Jim admits that he has allergies that scare small children and pets and then reviews Atomic Blonde. He liked it. He did not bother with the Emoji Movie. Who can argue with a near 0% on Rotten Tomatoes?

Both agree that they will not discuss Wonder Woman’s armpit hair.

Good News

Mélanie shares the bad news on the good news (see separate post here). Smile and feel good! Inspire others! Whee!

…at least they left Russia alone for a minute…

She did manage to find good news about Patrick Bisher, an injured boy who overcame the victim mentality and became a Navy Seal. He then ended up being injured and having to get his entire hop replaced. He has since published a book, No Surrender. His message to the kids that bullied him was, “Thank you for the opportunity to find inner strength.”

Jim reports on Shannon Purcifer who was bullied so mercilessly by her evil classmates (while she was undergoing treatment for a bowel disease) that she got 120 bikers escorting her to her prom.

He also reports on the 35 cops who finished the treehouse for their slain fellow officer’s daughter. Thank you for your service and for honoring Officer Joel Davis and his family.


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