Kevin C Huston, EA, USTCP

Kevin Huston, EA, USTCP

Kevin is a speaker, but not just the boring, ethics/taxes guy that you would expect at a National Association of Tax Professionals conference (sorry fellow bean counters). Kevin blends humor, magic, and know-how into powerful programs that get results. With an almost cult-like following, he is the go-to guy to get your tax and ethics continuing education credits from.

With all the letters that do (and could) follow his name, Kevin is still a down-to-earth guy. In fact, knowing him personally, I find him fun, witty, and — well, I’ll just say it — sweet. He worked hard to get where he is today, one could even call him a fighter, yet he still managed to stay true to himself and kind to others. Kevin is the type of person that enriches your life just by knowing him.


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