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Dr. Heather Silvio

If there is one thing we can say about the good doctor, it is that she is always busy. I first met Heather when she was in the play Inspecting Carol with my husband. She was looking to rebrand her website. She had already written a book, been awarded many honors from the Air Force and from the DoD, gotten her doctorates, starred in several shows, and to top it all off, was planning her own wedding. Geesh, lady, way to make us all look lazy! She has since gotten many more clinical hours as Psychologist, released several more books, recorded a jazz CD, and is in the process of finishing a screenplay. Heather’s mind is as active as the rest of her, and you’ll find that — not only is she incredibly intelligent — she is incredibly likable. This is the pragmatic, perspicacious, and powerfully pretty Dr. Heather Silvio.

Find Heather here:

Web site: HeatherSilvio.com
Facebook: silvio.heather
Twitter: @heathersilvio
Instagram: heathersilvio

LinkedIn: heather-silvio-2596084
Goodreads: heathersilvio
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