Jesse Oakley III on CounterCulturWISE Radio

Jesse Oakley III

People who have come before you and have had less than you have done better than you.”
~Maya Angelou

Just before our show, this is the quote that Jesse tweeted on his account.

Jesse Oakley the third (or to those who know him, i-i-i) is one of those people who brightens a room just by entering it. He is known as a consummate Toastmaster with a miracle memory. He is also a writer and the author of “Greetings Happy People.”

Jesse’s baby face and toothy, but genuine, grin make him the poster child for happiness and strong life choices. Plus, Abby thinks the world of him. Because of his intellect and his move from the east coast to the Las Vegas area as a teen, Jesse survived merciless teasing and bullying. He chose to rise above, and he has soared ever since.



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