Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Live from San Pedro

Catching up

Jim wiggles to the beat as we broadcast live from San Pedro, CA.


This is the first time Jim has visited his home town in 30 years.

He enjoyed meeting up with an old HS friend, Paula, and is loving the freedom of not having a set schedule. He sings the praises of AirBnB. Except there’s not breakfast. What the hell?

Jim does not miss his day job.


Jim is old. Damn old. She married him because he’s sweet and kinda cute. She spent the weekend trying to find places that he swore had actually existed.

Good news

Divide and conquer. Or not. Even when weather happens, our humanity comes through. (Anarchy will not end all weather patterns.)

Irma evacuees are shown hospitality in Georgia. USA — not colors, not religions, just people.

Houston rescues mostly by Cajun Navy. Lots of puppies and kittens. (no, not zombies) We also packed up donation packages for the victims.

Mélanie cries over Hawkeye fans. She’s a soft-hearted sort, even though she’s been told she’s a Nazi. You know, the barefoot ginger kind who is married to a Jew and operates a church that marries gays… It’s the go-to for those without logic, but it still hurts to be called names…

Dog Abby

What do you do if your husband hits on your sister? Read Abby’s answer here





Lead-in music by Purple Planet

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