Darryl Small and Lauren Coe on CCW Radio

Darryl Robert Small and Lauren Coe

From rock operas to cop flicks, Darryl has been involved in many projects across multiple genres. Lauren is an artist and super-genius. Both have amazing singing voices. Jim himself introduced the two to each other, and, thanks to his meddling, the two are engaged! We talk about their projects and several other topics on this show.

Find Darryl & Lauren:


Darryl himself

Small Shop Films

I-5 Project



Web Sites



Style in Abundance

Forging Film (http://www.blueforgeproductions.com/forgingfilm/index.htm) includes a passcode to software that Lauren wrote to support the “Modular Method”, which includes writing, formatting, shooting, and editing film that streamlines the entire process and makes it accessible to everyone.  We’ve seen this method of filming in action, and it really does everything it claims to do.


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