Jim, Abby, Mélanie

It’s a rink.

Catching up


Jim is in rehearsals for COMMUNITY THEATER, the brand new play by Matt Martello which will be at the Eagles Club soon. We are also throwing a Cards Against Humanity party! Yay!


Melanie has 2 seminars coming up with Lorman Institute. She had her regular gig with LV Improvisational Players, which was funny and entertaining as usual.


Alejandro Villanueva of the Steelers stood for the National Anthem while the rest of the team stayed in the locker. Other players are protesting the country that made them millionaires. Make political statements on your own time, not on the company’s. Melanie reads TAKE A KNEE to underscore our feelings.

Good news

Dog Abby

Can you marry from the wrong side of the tracks? Read Abby’s answer here.





Lead-in music by Purple Planet

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