Harvey Weinstein

A Harvey Weinstein rant

There is a status now going around Facebook that reads,

“If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too.’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”


I don’t give a shit about “demonstrating the magnitude.” I want change. Change does not happen when people hide, lie, and cover up for others committing crimes. Change does not occur when all you do is whine about what happened to you. Change ONLY occurs when you grow a freaking spine and take responsibility for your actions — or in this case, inactions. Change will only occur when you STOP ALLOWING them to get away with it.

The “me-too”ism attitude is what is keeping this a problem. Oh, you want attention NOW? Too late, booby. What in the hell do you want NOW? Oh, you want to be part of the field of victims. Good job.  Welcome to victimhood, you poor little baby. Where were you when the person who harmed you went out and created more victims because you basically told them it was OK? Your “I won’t step up or speak out because I’m afraid or I need to feel 100% protected or I might lose some income” or whatever else LAME, LAZY excuse you come up with, makes you as much a part of the problem as the perpetrators. Because of you MORE women were raped. Because of you MORE rapists walked free. Because of you, more rapists were created because it was demonstrably OK. You didn’t just allow it, you ENDORSED it. Your silence PROLIFERATED it!

And for those opportunistic, hypocritical cunts who continue to virtue-signal after accepting hush money from the very offenders they now pretend to hate — may you enjoy a special corner in hell where you are forever diddled by the likes of Hugh Hefner and Osama Bin Laden while “It’s a Small World,” plays repeatedly in your flame-covered cell. I hope you choke on your payouts.

From the Boy Scouts to the Catholic Church, to most of Hollywood, have you noticed that the mainstream media only cares when someone rich and famous is taken down by someone beautiful and every bit as famous? Or, only if it’s a BOY? Not all of us were lucky enough to be raped by someone rich and powerful or someone who represented a huge, sue-able organization. Not all of us are given trophies and millions of dollars for finally speaking out on camera years later. Not all of us could go on to make millions more and become the darlings of the public eye. Instead, we had to trudge through our lives making ends meet while being treated like a rag doll by our fathers, our brothers, our boyfriends, our spouses, or our bosses. Most of us just had to buck up, be treated like shit by anyone who disagreed, and go on with no concern, no counselling, and no justice.

We aren’t going to fix this by posting a status update on our Facebook feed. This will only stop when we stop allowing it. Instead of creating “safe places” for snowflakes who can’t handle harsh words, how about we create safe places for our children where they aren’t told that if no one says anything, it’s OK. How about we create a world where the President of the United States does not get a free pass to rape women in the White House, and we don’t even consider the possibility of his hypocritical wife bringing him back to the scene of the crime?

Oh, and let’s stop accusing those who did nothing. You are only making it worse, like the boy who cried wolf. You are ensuring that no one will listen when it does actually happen. People (and I use this term very loosely) like Zarna Joshi who cry rape when a man tells a dad joke need to be jailed for the human excrement they are. Words are not deeds.

You, of all people, want to speak out against Trump, Swinestein? You think that anyone is going to validate you or anything you have to say? You and your Hollywood cronies are only making more people proud for having voted for him and/or planning on voting for him again.

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