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October 15, 2017-What a Harvey!

Catching up


The first weekend of M-Wil Productions’ COMMUNITY THEATRE at the Eagles Lodge went really well. Tickets and dinners are still available for next week’s show! Enjoy a delicious steak dinner at a very reasonable price and take in the final performances of a very funny first-run show!


Get ready for her to upcoming seminars for the Lorman Institute, HOW TO WRITE LIKE A LEADER (coming up soon) and MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR INTROVERTS (coming in January)! The principles discussed in this seminar will be expanded on in her upcoming book, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?


Melanie Rants!!

We briefly discuss the October 1st aftermath, and then Melanie goes on a Class A Rant on Harvey Weinstein and (more importantly) his enablers. You can read it here. The language used in this segment is a bit more…adult than we normally use, but this is a serious situation that should have been handled years ago, rather than enabled. We also take a few swipes at Hillary Clinton for promoting the same culture in the White House.


Good news


Good News: video of 11-year old student having been officially adopted by her foster mom goes viral. This will warm your heart.

This is a tale of a giving heart: Man finds kidnapped girl and gives her his $7000 reward. Would you do that? I’d like to think I would.


Dog Abby

Dog Abby: A dad misses his daughter’s birthday…again.


Intro music by Purple Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

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