Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Heavy Breathing

Catching up:

Community Theatre at the Eagles Lodge closed with a bang (sold out Saturday, close to it on Sunday). We attended the Toastmasters Division C Contest on Saturday morning, where Melanie was the featured speaker for an evaluation contest. and Jim was a judge. We sing the praises of Kevin Keifer, who won both the humorous AND evaluation contests for Division H! We also caught the movie THE FOREIGNER. We enjoyed it very much, especially the performances of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, who were both acting against typecasting.

Melanie performed with the Las Vegas Improvisation Players and got to channel her inner Chewbacca. This conversation devolved into a critique of the Star Wars Holiday Special (verdict: horrific, not worth seeing – but here’s the link anyway) Wookie Porn, anyone?

Jim breathes heavily into his microphone. He is learning not to.

Good News:

Jim praises his days employers Telus International for Day of Giving and contributions to Route 91 victims. They also do a lot of rewarding for jobs well done.

Melanie praises Ellen DeGeneres for her monologue and show in the wake of the Route 91 tragedy. She is one of our favorite celebrities, for so many reasons.

Dog Abby: While the ‘rents are away… Transcript here.




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