Josiah Prise on CCW Radio

Josiah Prise

When inviting guests onto this show, I send out an informational form for them to fill out that includes how to pronounce their name phonetically. Our next guest literally has a “sigh” in the middle of his name. It certainly fits. When I first met Josiah, it was when he came as a guest to the Las Vegas Improvisational Players workshop. All the women were thrilled to have a young, good-looking long-hair join the troupe, and both the men and women were even happier to learn that he is more than a pretty face. Josiah enhanced our humble troupe with his humor, quick thinking, and musical talents. We have since performed together several times – that is, when he is not getting paid to fly off to exotic places most of us only dream of. Josiah is a man of mystery and intrigue, yet he’s still a down-to-earth sweetheart who is easy and fun to work with. I’m proud to welcome today’s guest: dating coach, public speaker, world traveler, and friend, Josiah Prise.

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