Everyone and anything is Hitler

One year later, still acting stupid.

I only collected these memes, I did not create any of them. -M


This a protest to anti-(whatever) marginalizing the atrocities of murdering six million human beings. Stop using one of the most heinous and painful less-than-human world experiences as a meme for your pissy-pants disagreements. It’s overdone and insulting, not to mention insensitive.

Please read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and STOP insulting us and every survivor already. You won’t be heard because everyone is doing it for everything. It is becoming noise, and that is disgusting. History WILL repeat itself if it is relegated to a cartoon.

Be honest. Are each one of these examples truly the murderers of millions? Really?

If you disagree — groovy. Be logical and adult about it. I can handle it, and anyone fit to vote should be able to, also. You will NEVER change hearts or minds by being ridiculous, judgmental, sales-ey, silly, or crass. Really.

No. Really.

If anything, this last election should prove it.

I posted this on Nov. 13, 2016. Sadly, the people I was speaking to didn’t “get” it. They still don’t. Instead, they called me an apologist. A freaking Nazi apologist! Fuck that, and fuck them. They are the ones who made the Holocaust a damn meme. They are the ones spewing hate, lies, and names to the point that anything they say is met with just an eyeroll.

Back then, I did not know who/what Antifa was. I do now. I’m calling them out. You’re nothing but fascist, racist, hateful, violent thugs pretending to be relevant. You’re not.

You embrace Socialism — you know, that ideology that KILLED >TEN TIMES MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE THAN NAZIS! Oh, wait, silly me — Nazis actually are Socialists, too…but I digress…

This is your great utopia? This is what you want to do to the world?

Trump isn’t a Nazi. He’s not Socialist, either. He’s not your problem — YOU are. Who got him elected? It wasn’t Russia, racists, or the boogeyman. Look in the mirror, booby. Stop with the “REEEEEE!” already. How about you all do something CONSTRUCTIVE for a freaking change — like ENDING ACTUAL SLAVERY that is going on now. Quit whining about your first-world problems and bullying anyone who disagrees with you and be useful adults instead of petulant children.

It’s not a race thing. It’s a brain thing.

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