George Gilbert on CCW Radio (again)

George Gilbert back for more

We just had George on in July, and we all enjoyed it so much that we have brought him back to talk about his new book, “Put Their Money where Your Mouth is.” George’s other books include From Standup to Stand Out and Take Two Laughs and Call Me in the Morning. George works full time as a professional speaker and he travels all over the world. He has a strong background in entertainment, coming from parents who were renown during the Las Vegas heyday and on shows such as Ed Sullivan. Lately, George has been amping up his humorous side by building his improv skills, and I have had the joy of being with him on stage with the Las Vegas Improvisational Troupe as recently as last night. Let’s give a warm welcome to Motivational Humorist, author, Accredited Speaker, and Chili Champion, George Gilbert.


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