Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Hate mail, Mel Tillis, and wine

Catching up


Jim’s been working crazy early hours and he’s hating life. Well, early morning life. He gives an Evita update (it is now on hold), and will be in the Nutcracker. No, there will not be tights involved, but there will be prancing.


She’s excited by CCW Radio’s first piece of hate mail and that the upcoming holiday shows will include giveaways! She talks about her favorite wine club.

She also read an answer to the age-old question that men ask women on their way out of the bathroom: What took you so long?

Good news

Jim shares the story of country star, Mel Tillis, who passed today. He wrote more than 1,000 songs, many of which are familiar. He was born into a poor family during the Great Depression. He survived malaria as a child, which left him with a stammer. He was mercilessly teased throughout his life. One day he heard music that enticed him to become a performer. After his stint in the Air Force, he became a legend.

Never let something as silly as setbacks or bullying stop you from success. As he said, “It hasn’t licked me, so it doesn’t have to lick others.”

Dog Abby

Abby muses how tennis balls are a metaphor for life. Transcript here.








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