Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Is 10 Cups Enough?

Catching up:

Mélanie is working on big, boring projects so has nothing exciting to share. She is helping a fellow author with some editing. She sucked at NaNoWriMo this year.

Thanksgiving was amazing and so was our paleo stuffing and Cards Against Humanity game.

Jim thanks his friends for inviting us over to the their traditional “Fry-Day” and speaks a little to the Law of Attraction and how we have attracted such incredible friends. No, he’s not snotty about it at all.

Jim gets up early to head out to rehearsals he didn’t have. Viva la holiday! He tells us about his upcoming jaunt with The Nutcracker.

Good News:

Mélanie pipes in about saving the planet without hurting ourselves. She reminisces working with World Vision and their philosophy about teaching women and farming techniques that further soil viability. She points to a story posted in the chat about bee-friendly insecticides. She mentions Honey-Nut Cheerios, which has planted a significant number of trees in honey-bee habitats to “give back” to those that have helped them so much.

Jim shares a story about Bernard Darty, an 83-year old Holocaust survivor who donated $1Million to Wounded Warrior Project and the Services for Armed Forces program of the American Red Cross. Mr. Darty said he wanted to give back to the soldiers who freed him.

Mélanie also shared the exciting news that CCW Radio received its first critical email.  The writer hated the Weinstein rant from a previous show. This led to the complete re-do of the wording on our front page.


Dog Abby:

Abby answers a letter about bullying. Transcript here.







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