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Food Occurs to Me-December 3, 2017

Catching up

It’s a gloriously warm December day in Fabulous Las Vegas! 70 DEGREES! We will never stop marveling at this. We rehearsed for The Pink Tutu’s production of THE NUTCRACKER, which will be performed at both the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite and Downtown Container Park later this month. We extolled the virtues of this city, a culturally diverse and fun place to live, where you can get a gourmet pizza at 4:32 am…if it occurs to you.


Jim has important news abut his”day job”that he is not ready to blurt out just yet. (Soon.)  He is still in rehearsals for EVITA, which is a show benefiting the Route 91 victims. It has been postponed until January; we will let you know as soon as a new date is announced. Jim is also finishing up his screenplay for the first episode of a TV series. Recent guest Andrew Wright produced a performance of The Who’s album TOMMY featuring local talent, and Jim was blown away by it.


Melanie is still tutoring. In particular, she is tutoring an older woman in ASL so she can learn songs for her church! The lady is going back to her native Ireland soon, and will be teaching songs to autistic children in sign language. Right now, they are working on Christmas songs.

Melanie also has a webinar approaching this Tuesday! This is being presented by the Lorman Institute, and it will be on How to Write Like a Leader. She is working on her books Passionate Punctuation and a new entry n the Nose-to-Nose series. She is also thinking about compiling a Dog Abby book next year.

Good News:

Washing dishes prolongs life

Hero rats detect landmines and saves elephants

Group uses marriage counseling methods to help bridge political divide


Dog Abby paw print

Dog Abby talks about “Thoughts and Prayers” (transcript here)





Lead-in music by Purple Planet

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