America's Got Talent's Christopher on CCW Radio

AGT’s Christopher!

When Christopher first walked into our improv workshop, there was no getting around it, this guy was…different. The first time he joined in on one of our games, there was no getting around it, this guy was…BRILLIANT. We immediately recruited him for the Las Vegas Improvisational Players, and I am honored to have shared a stage with him many times. Christopher — who has only one name, much like Cher — has performed for two presidents, opened for Eddie Murphy, and recently made it to the second round of America’s Got Talent. Unpacking the gift that is Christopher is an ongoing endeavor. I have found him to not only be insanely talented both in music and humor, but also humble and refreshingly honest as a fellow performer and friend.

He said his Pinocchio puppet was “unsuccessful,” and while I used the word “brilliant” about a bazillion times throughout our interview, I stand by my wording. Check it out! -Mélanie


Find Christopher here:

Facebook: Christopher The Puppeteer 

Twitter: @LOL_Christopher


…and check out Cardio Spider







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