Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Coffee, and Houses, and Israel — Oh, My!

Catching up:

Jim and Mélanie will both be participating in The Nutcracker. Jim plays the father, and Mélanie is narrating.

Good News:

This week in awesome humanity includes a GoFundMe that is helping many homeless, one of which is a Marine veteran who saved a stranded woman, another is a pay-it-forward cup of coffee that literally stopped a suicide. Wow. People rock!

The homeless man who donated his last $20 for gas and got a home for thanks.

The cup of coffee that saved a life.


It’s about freaking time that SOMEONE recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. If you believe President Trump’s move of our embassy to the capital will result in VIOLENCE: by your own definition of the term, you are an Islamophobe.

It’s not their country. It never was. They should have no say, no matter how big of bullies they are.

So far, the worst thing that those still suffering with Trump-Derangement Syndrome have managed to PROVE is that he keeps his campaign promises. Horrors!

Dog Abby:

Abby helps a parent who doesn’t know how to tell her son he can’t sing. Transcript here.







Lead-in music by Purple Planet

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