Keaton Jones

Keaton Jones

Let me share a few tweets…keep in mind that these are directed toward a 10-year-old CHILD. Seriously, these are to a little boy who has obvious birth defects and whose mom posted a video of him sobbing because he has been bullied…and these are the nicer ones.

I can’t help but wonder how many people watched Forrest Gump and shouted at the screen, “GET ‘EM BOYS!! BEAT UP THAT SLOW KID!!” These assholes truly side with the bullies and think it’s OK…because…Muh Racism.

You are freaking bullies, all of you. You’re nothing but virtue-signaling, race-baiting hypocrites. He’s a disabled CHILD for everything holy. You can’t even control your grown-ass selves from bullying a CHILD? Your emotional, knee-jerk reactions make you worse than any racist, nazi, or socialist (you heard me) could aspire to. You are sick excuses for human beings who need a heaping dose of reality and decency.

For those jumping on the bullying bandwagon — not that you could recognize any semblance of logic:

  1. Neither the kid nor the kid’s mother set up the GoFundMe. It says so right on the front page.
  2. The bully MMA fighter (Joe Schilling) even admitted that he was not sure he was messaging to the actual account of the mom (it was later confirmed by both screenshots and the boy’s sister that he was NOT).
  3. And a stupid flag? You judge people by what they stand next to, not who they are or what they do — even if they are only 10 years old? Seriously?

I’m going to go tell all my black friends and family that they are racists for having/wearing/flying the southern flag (many still do).

Meanwhile, I’m going to need you to stop wearing green and drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day because my slave ancestors do not appreciate your appropriation. Oh, wait…never mind…I don’t really care BECAUSE I’M A GROWN UP WITH A BRAIN. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Please don’t breed.


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