Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Negative Utopia, Nutcrackers, and News

Catching up:

We spent an amazing weekend at the CasaBlanca Resort out in Mesquite NV where we participated in the Pink Tutu Ballet’s production of THE NUTCRACKER. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and highly recommend the CasaBlanca resort for either a show or to spend a day or two.


THE NUTCRACKER will also be presented in Las Vegas at Container Park next weekend. Please come and see us! Friday night at 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday at 3PM. Container Park is a great place to visit, with many fun stores and restaurants. The show is FREE, so come on out!


Jim’s good news:

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Attended The Premier Of ‘The Last Jedi’ To Watch Mom’s Final Film. Her doggy sat on the lap of Ms. Fisher’s former personal assistant, and perked up whenever his mommy appeared on the screen!


Melanie brought on a Special Guest for her Good News:

Her very own sister! Sheila Hunt is a musician, songwriter, and now a school teacher from Texas. Sheila and her former band Negative Utopia wrote, recorded, and performed songs dealing with overcoming addiction taking responsibility for one’s own life. Sheila recently followed her passion for teaching and completed her teacher’s certification. She is now an art teacher and loves her work.


Dog Abby tells a writer the best way to deal with a friend who is consistently late. You can find the link here.

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