Golden Retriever with Santa hat

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Dog Abby

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my home

The cats hogged the bed while I wrote this poem.

The stockings were hung by the upside-down tree

Which was decorated with an ornament that looked just like me!


The house was all quiet, and I ran the show —

Not that anyone sleeping would know.

Dad snored away, like a hurt angry moose

Mom cuddled pillows in hopes of a truce.


When out on the carport I heard such a loud noise

It stopped me from yanking the stuffing from my toys.

I ran barking to the door in a frenzied hot rush

And barked until mom and dad both yelled out, “HUSH!”


So I turned and ran out the doggy door flap

Where the back yard was completely full of my…

Tennis balls…

The rotating light from the airport glowed bright

I sensed there was something strange going on that night.


I felt an odd presence, my hackles stood high

I looked on the roof and saw a strange guy.

He was dressed all in red; his hair was whiter than dad

He smiled down at me, so he could not have been bad.


In true Golden fashion, I invited him in

He said, ‘’what a guard-dog” with a big, goofy grin.

He said he was sorry for waking me up

I saw in his arms that he held a small pup.


I had heard of a Santa that came on this eve

And, as a dog, I did not know what to believe.

He didn’t have a sack full of candy and toys,

His sleigh had no bells and did not make much noise.


I didn’t smell reindeer (though how they smell, I’m not sure)

But he had the eye-twinkle and a heart that was pure.

The pup in his arms looked hungry and cold

I realized it wasn’t a pup, but a dog that was old.


“I’m looking for homes,” he said with a sad smile

“This dog has no family, and has been alone for a while.

It’s hard to find homes for pets that are older

And I’m worried as the nights are growing much colder.”


I told him about my friend who lived near

Her dog, Millie, had crossed over last year.

She’d be a good mom, and could use a new pet

But she had not brought herself to find one just yet.


He thanked me, then hopped back into his sleigh.

He said, “This will make two souls happier today!”

“What we need are more families with more love to give.

I’ll keep searching and matching for as long as I live.”


As he faded to a dot I could no longer see

I remembered how my mom had once rescued me.

This year for Christmas, don’t go into debt

Instead, use your blessings to rescue a pet.

Dog Abby paw print


Merry Christmas!

Love, Abby


The Presidential Pet Museum website has a fabulous list of dog rescue organizations by breed.

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