Golden Retriever Abigail Hope on 2018 New Year

2018 Woofolutions – Dog Abby

In 2017, I took more than 200 car rides, almost 300 walkies, and even mom cannot count how many balls I have brought home. I got to play in my pool almost every day, I got to welcome a huge lot of guests to our home, and I’m still mom’s favorite model. And I got my very own advice segment on a real radio show! Overall, it was a very good year.

Mom asked me to write some resolutions that I might share for 2018, but dogs don’t resolve much further than what they can see in the moment (right now, I’m resolving on the ball that rolled under the couch). Still, I think the best advice I could give as a Golden Retriever might just be some good resolutions for human people, so here you go.

Golden Retriever and orange tabby hanging out at the pool
Hanging by the pool with my cat, Max

Don’t bite people or cats. They don’t like it, and most people don’t taste that great. Cats bite back.

When someone you love comes home, meet them at the door and let them know you missed them. It will make them happy they came home, and they’ll give you treats.

Walkies are the most excellent part of life. It doesn’t matter where you start or where you go, as long as go for walkies every day. Even little ones make you feel better. Plus, you get treats when you get back.

When you are happy, don’t hold it in. Dance, bark, wag, and wiggle. It makes everyone around you happy, too.

People love to touch you. Let them. There’s nothing more reassuring than a pat on the shoulder, a hug, or a rub behind the ears.

When people ask you to speak up, do it! There are always treats afterwards.

If someone is scared or sad, just be with them. Sometimes that is all you can do, and most of the time, that is all they need.

I hope this New Year is amazing for you! See you at the pool…


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