Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Gaspocolypse 2018!

Catching up

Hard-hitting news as we go live on the scene of Gaspocolypse 2018! Learn more about how Oregon State is coping with new self-pump laws.

(The quotes used in the recording are pulled from ACTUAL QUOTES from customers)


Jim got a brand new phone that does not play nicely with his headset. He got the phone for his birthday, which is this Thursday. He doesn’t feel any older, and his wife agrees (she felt him up just this morning to be sure).

He’s had an odd week working four 10s. He doesn’t like it, no sir.

We had an amazing breakfast at the Eagle’s Club, of which Jim is a member, then had a dirty chai latte at a great little coffee place – Viva Café in the Boulevard Mall.


She’s delivering a live webinar titled, “Management Skills for Introverts: Influencing With Confidence” 10A on January 30 for the Lorman Institute.

She’ll also be doing a FREE 45-minute presentation on Storytelling 10A on January 20 at the Summerlin iHop.

She is also excited to be booked to the end of the month with guests for the show.

Good news

Abby asked to share a story about another Golden that sought out treatment for himself from a vet.

A restaurant regular surprises James Booker, his favorite service worker, with a car for Christmas. Good service means so much more than just a job!

Dog Abby

What do you do if it’s rumored you’re gay? Read Abby’s answer here.




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