Jim, Abby, Mélanie


Catching up


It was Jim’s birthday on Thursday, and we used it as an excuse to celebrate all week. Started with buying a new phone, then dinner and drinks on his birthday, again on Saturday with Proof and his wife, and then meeting up with Washington friends today at the same place we went to on his birthday. Also got new Levis and athletic shoes-spoiled little man!


She’s giving a program on storytelling this weekend (see the schedule on HopeSpeaking.com for details), and then doing a webinar on leadership for introverts the following Tuesday. She also performed emergency veterinary surgery on our co-host Dog Abby. Abby is healing nicely. She and Jim also did a film shoot, playing a homeless couple.


Good news

Stylish prosthetics for kids — not just prosthetic but bionic! A young woman catches a baseball with her new bionic arm. Pretty darned cool!

A Baltimore City Councilwoman was Car jacked — and then advocated for the perpetrators. You won’t believe what happened next.

Dog Abby

Do you put people on a pedestal…and then covet what they have? Read Abby’s answer here.


Hard Hitting News

We continue with the media’s 24-hour obsession with-er, we mean coverage of- Sh!thole Gate, featuring news anchor Leslie Freaker.





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