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Beer Us.

Catching up

It is the 8th Anniversary of the evening Jim and Melanie met! We talk briefly about that. (For the full-blown version of the story, tune in to our Valentine’s Special on February 11!) We celebrated at Starbucks while preparing for the show.


Melanie did a full presentation on how to insert stories into presentations…to a group of storytellers! This was at a Toastmasters meeting, and it was extremely well received. She is going to be parlaying that into a series of presentations, or at least a video presentation.


Jim is continuing to write (FONTANA Episode 2 will begin soon!), and has 2 auditions coming up. Most importantly he is counting the days until he starts his new position at a company that he thinks will be a better match for him. He’s looking to upgrade his camera equipment, starting with a new lens. is happy and optimistic for the future.

Our newest ad

Inspired by a friend’s Facebook post, here is our newest ad for the CCW Bonus Beer Fund, brought to you by our newest celebrity announcer, Nelly Nuthers. In all seriousness, though, if you like what you hear on our show, please consider sending in a donation, purchasing one of Melanie’s books, or getting a shirt at our CCW Store page. We appreciate your support.

Good news

A big-hearted young boy asked his mom to pack a second lunch for him every day. The reason will inspire you.

Another “good cop” story at a time when it’s just not too common anymore.

Dog Abby

A listener’s boss overreacts to being “given notice.” How should the listener respond? Find out here.



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