Kevin Kostiner on CCW Radio!

Kevin Kostiner

This is a big day for little ol’ CCWise!

We get to interview the one, the only Kevin Kostiner!

…OK, the one, the OTHER only? Well…one of ‘em, anyway. Certainly not the least of them, though! Kevin is the creator and host of the new YouTube channel The Good Ol’ Days. The Past has a Story to Tell™! His episodes are not just blasts from the past, but educational and truly interesting. His Disneyland episode already has more than 5,000 views, and I highly recommend subscribing to his channel.

I met Kevin through LVIP — gotta love that networking — and was instantly taken with his Mike Rowe –esque rugged handsomeness, intellect, and humor.


Twitter: @_TheGoodOlDays_

Instagram: _TheGoodOlDays_

The Paw Stars episode we discussed:

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