Jim, Abby, Mélanie


Catching up


Jim is looking forward to his new day job, and gave notice to his current job. He feels creatively released, and has gone back into creative writing (sketches for this show, screenplay, etc.). He has an audition coming up next weekend. Fingers Crossed!


Melanie had another great show with the Las Vegas Improvisation Players. She is launching her newest webinar this Tuesday for Lorman Institute, Management Skills for Introverts. (Yes, believe it or not, Melanie and Jim are introverts.)


Good news


From Jim: Husband With Alzheimer’s Forgets He’s Married, Asks His Wife Of 34 Years To Marry Him

From Melanie: Keanu Reeves is a genuinely good celebrity.

From Abby:



‘Miracle on 85th Street’: How a Huge Dog Saved My Child’s Life

Hard Hitting News

The latest report from CNN: The Cuck News Network!


Dog Abby

A soldier lies to his mom to spare her feelings. She found out. What does she do?



Lead-in music by Purple Planet

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