The pink pussy hat movement is a bunch of sheep crying wolf

Infantilization does *not* liberate us!

The #MeToo movement is bunk.

Oh, yeah, I’m ready for the backlash, and I don’t care. I KNOW what backlash feels like, and I’m up for it from the likes of RapeyWood and the SJW scum who are nothing but racist, self-hating psychos projecting their vitriol on everyone else.

As an actual rape survivor, I am constantly barraged by reminders from women who were barely glanced at and yet are screaming “I’M A VICTIM” as if it is valid. It’s not. This is not a case of “blame the victim.” This is a case of STOP TRYING TO BE A VICTIM AND STOP ECLIPSING THE REAL EXPERIENCES OF THOSE WHO WERE.

Got looked at? Got catcalled? Had a bad date? You are not victims. You are wannabes. What you are doing to others is just gross.

Yes. I’m mad. You should be, too.

I am a feminist. And, I am proudly¬†not a feminist in the warped, unequal, man-hating, shrill, pussy-hat wearing way that it means now. All men are not bad. In fact, very few are. If EVERY man you’ve ever met is a horrible human being, it’s time you start looking in the mirror, boobie. We reap what we sow. We attract what we focus on the most. Think about it.

Third-wave feminism is sadly similar to the Third Reich. They are focused on literally destroying anyone that doesn’t look right, doesn’t speak right, has a brain, and — God forbid — uses it. They may not have gas chambers (yet), but they have built enough power to make anyone who is even accused of being a Jew *cough cough* I mean, sexist, to WISH for a gas chamber.

Instead of blaming all men, how about we ask what this says about how we raise our children? Let’s face it, every damn one of these men were born of and raised by…let’s see…oh, that would be YOU! WOMEN are teaching these boys how to act. Great job, ladies.

"Male feminists" are wolves in pussy's clothingMeanwhile, these same mothers tell their little girls that they MUST be victims. They are weak and should be terrified of the big, bad world that is always against them. The odds are not in their favor, and that has nothing to do with their bad choices. The patriarchy and toxic masculinity is out to get them. They must be coddled and protected. Being “strong” simply means being shrill and demanding equal outcome for all endeavors and crying wolf at every opportunity. Then they wonder why people don’t “listen and believe.” Put two and two together, gals.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”E43Ms” via=”yes” ]”Feminists” are infantilizing grown women through perpetual victimization while shaming anyone they do not like for things they did not do. #metoo #feminismiscancer[/ctt]

For the record, “Toxic Masculinity” is a hoax. It’s a buzzword created to make foaming-at-the-mouth hardcore blame-seekers look as if they have a valid excuse. Once you must blame, shame, and make excuses, you are no longer victimized. You are now the one CHOOSING to be a victim, and your chosen victimhood is invalid. You are like a dog that squeals as if being murdered simply because it is not getting its way.

Much like “equal opportunity,” which offers exactly the opposite, this mindset tears women down, shredding men on the way.

Ladies: stop it. You cannot succeed through victimhood.


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