Sophia Falke on CCW Radio!

Sophia Falke

Your answer to the question, “What would I love?” will help you create a life worth living and experiences worth treasuring.”

~From Embracing Greatness by Sophia Falke

I first met tonight’s guest at the Las Vegas National Speaker’s Association. At the time, she was the minister of a Unity church in Henderson and she had kindly lent her church building for the meeting. Sophia and I repeatedly ran into each other through various speaker’s activities and the small-town voodoo of Vegas itself. Sophia is one of those tough and beautiful ladies that is always getting things done with style. When I heard that she was launching her book, “Embracing Greatness: A Guide for Living the Life You Love,” I launched myself on her to get her on the show. Welcome to CounterCultureWISE, Sophia Falke, the Greatness Guru!


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Facebook:  Embracing Greatness

Twitter:  @SophiaFalke

Instagram: @ReverendSophia





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