Jim, Abby, Mélanie

The grown-up edition

Catching up

We avoided the Super Bowl this year. We object to the idea of every sporting event (and every awards show, for that matter) having to Make a Statement. Jim served in the military for the right of football players to take a knee, but also for his own right to boycott the NFL this season because they continued to do so. ‘Nuff said. But congratulations to the Eagles on deflating the Deflatriots.


Jim’s commitments prevented him from accepting a role in a show he auditioned for, but there’s good stuff on the horizon. He starts his new job on Feb. 12 and is continuing writing sketches for CCW and working on other creative pursuits.


Put Yourself In There! storytelling workshop was a huge success! Barefoot is Legal activism continues, with the new newsletter being published and events forthcoming. She will be hosting two webinars in the spring for Lorman Institute, BUSINESS GRAMMAR FUNDAMENTALS and ESSENTIAL COMMUNICATION.

The Grow the Hell Up Challenge

Survived the Tide Pod Challenge? We have a new one for you.

Good news

Jim: Marines look out for each other. Bikers Refused To Let A Fallen Marine’s Body Get Shipped Home In A FedEx Box…

Melanie: A community pays back. Watch Bus Driver’s “Ecstatic” Reaction to Students Surprising Him With Super Bowl Tickets

Melanie concocts The Ermergerd

1-2 fingers of fresh ginger, peeled
1/2 English cucumber
1-1/2 juiced limes (slice the rest for garnish)
2 tbsp agave nectar
1 cup vodka
Pour over ice, add seltzer water 

She also made a killer homemade (and soy-free) Bleu Cheese dip for our Buffalo Wings. (Just because we didn’t watch the Super Bowl, doesn’t mean we missed out on the food.)

Dog Abby

Help! My wife’s job is driving us both crazy. Read Abby’s answer here.




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