Jim, Abby, Mélanie

Go away, kid, ya bother me…

Catching up


Jim started training at his new job at Barclays! This could be the beginning of a great career. He is also starting on the screenplay for Episode 2 of FONTANA and will (hopefully) be performing with the Shakespeare Institute again soon.


Melanie has been hard at work on more projects than she can count! Still tutoring, still writing. She had a great performance with the Las Vegas Improvisational Players. We love these guys! Many of the performers have been guests on our show. She will be making another video for our social networks, this one based on the sketch below.


Good news

Melanie shares: Basketball Team Has Only 1 Cheerleader So Opposing Squad Learns Her Routine and Joins Her. This is phenomenal.

Jim Shares: Woman Realizes the Old Dog She Just Adopted Was Same One She Had as a Child.

Parody of the Week (or is it?)

We present a sketch based on Real Stories of the FBI. You’ve been warned.


Dog Abby

A caller is concerned about meeting her boyfriend’s parents, who have opposing political views to hers and are outspoken about them.Read Abby’s answer here.



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