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Catching up


Jim is wrapping his training at Barclays this coming week. He was the first in his class to finish the exam, and got 100%! He is already helping customers over the phone

He faces a board review this week (as everyone in his class is), where he will be given feedback on his work so far. His class is buddying up with some of the top agents this week, and they will all be treated to lunch at Claim Jumper!

On the artistic front, Jim has some ideas for Episode 2 of Fontana.


Melanie has been hard at work with her shopping assignments and tutoring. We both went to see our friend and former guest, the amazing Tony Arias in concert…what a performer! It was a classic Vegas show in an era where very few such shows still exist…he is an all around great entertainer. Please check out his website here.

Good news

The first bit of good news…our listener-ship is growing! Word of mouth, advertising on Facebook, Minds, and Twitter, and a site called (enter name here-thanks!) where some of our guests have been advertised as being on our show have all added to our success! Thank you. Keep spreading the word, and consider making a purchase form our store or donating to our beer fund. (Note: after tonight’s show, Melanie started a Patreon account for our show. Please check it out! Thanks!)

Woman marches into frozen lake to save a dog

Researchers say dogs prefer when you talk to them like a baby


Rants and Rabbit holes

Melanie gave a passionate defense of our country’s freedom of speech, and we both agree that it is being slowly taken away from us, largely by the same people who had to fight so hard to be heard themselves so many years ago. We then presented our newest sketch, taking another jab at the FBI for once again screwing up. In this case, they had paid Geek Squad employees to provide customer data. This stuff is starting to write itself, gang.


Dog Abby

A listener is torn between leaving a job at a company they no longer like and taking their offer for a promotion and a raise. Read Abby’s answer here.


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