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Catching up

March 2nd was our 5th Anniversary! Coincidentally, this weekend found us in Pahrump, where we were living at the time we got married! We celebrated by grabbing a shot of Southern Comfort at a biker bar halfway between Vegas and “Pahrumpistan,” the same one where we grabbed a SoCo shot on the night of our Vegas wedding. We also spent time at the Sanders Family Winery (Yes, Nevada has wineries-very good ones, in fact). Once we got home, we watched SLAP SHOT-Melanie’s first time seeing it.


Jim has been taking much better care of his health, and has taken full charge of his diabetes treatment. He had a minor scare when his blood sugar ran way below range (never thought THAT would happen!). He called his doctor, and spoke with a nurse who agreed with Jim that he should stop taking the Glipizide and continue taking Metformin. Success! His blood sugar is now in range on a regular basis, and he feels great.


We were in Pahrump for Melanie to compete in the Toastmasters Area Table Topics Contest. The event was held at Carmelo’s Bistro in Pahrump, a great Italian restaurant owned and operated by our friend Leo Blundo, who is running for Nye County Commissioner. He is scheduled to be a guest on our show soon. Oh, yeah, we almost forgot-Melanie won! She will be going to the next level contest in April.

Good news

Melanie tells the tale of the stars of Titanic stars helping to save the life of a cancer patient. Jim tells the story of a 93-year-old grandmother traveling to Kenya to volunteer at an orphanage.


Rants and Rabbit holes

In an attempt to normalize gender fluidity, gender activists are now teaching young children in the UK and Canada about genders that fall out of the normal spectrum of male, female, trans, and hermaphrodite. This has now spread to the US. In our attempt to say that children should be left alone to develop normally, we put together a sketch. We will be posting it in video form in the usual places soon.


Dog Abby

What do you do when you change your college major, and your parents get angry? Read Abby’s answer here.



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