JD Smith on CCW Radio!

JD Smith

We are told things that are awful and that that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. We don’t know that. I don’t see that. They only tell us that because it sells.”
~J.D. Smith

We met tonight’s guest about 5 years ago. He shares the same Toastmasters club as my wife, Powerhouse Pros. He and I have worked on a couple of acting projects together, as well. He is a retired dentist, a dedicated toastmaster, a great comic actor, and one of my favorite public speakers. He is also a patriot, dedicated to preserving the freedoms that make this country great. We are honored to call this great man our friend.

JD reads – a LOT. He shares some of his insights about our world, our kids, and what may be on the horizon.

Also, he’s in a Nicolas Cage movie, “The Trust” — you can see him in minute 27.









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