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My Green Soul!

Catching up


Proof of the power of intention and the Law of Attraction…Melanie has been wanting a new Kia Soul for years, particularly an Alien Green one. For 4 years, she had had a picture of it on her dreamboards and even her “dreamcup.” On Friday, we used our tax return to make a down payment, and Melanie was finally able to drive her dream car off the lot. Set your intentions, and stay focused. Never give up!

Oh, My Soul!


Another key to success is acknowledging what you DON’T want, and then turning your back on it. Jim finished his training at Barclays, and got an additional award for scoring 100% on his exam! This was after a tumultuous 3 years at an employer that simply wasn’t a good match for him. Jim feels that he is going to be very successful here. Now that he is about to settle into his work routine, he is preparing to once again get involved in Shakespeare in the Classroom. More on that soon!

Good news

From Jim: ‘Superwoman’ Surgeon Hikes Through Snow For 3 Hours So She Can Operate on Her Cancer Patient

From Melanie: Mom Turns $700 into a $65 Million Company After Manufacturer Calls Her ‘a Stupid Woman’

Rants and Rabbit holes

We caught the film A Wrinkle in Time today. Great movie with an inspiring message. We both liked the story and the acting, especially the brother and sister. (Deric McCabe and Storm Reid have MAJOR careers ahead.) The photography was occasionally jarring, but that was a minor distraction. Overall a thought provoking and beautiful film.

Dog Abby

Is there life after 50? Read Abby’s answer here.



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